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Leupold Mark 5 CF-455 Tripod Kit


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Leupold Mark 5 CF-455 Tripod Kit

The Leupold Mark 5 CF-455 Tripod Kit was designed to give the performance professionals demand while in the field. Its rugged and lightweight design has an impressive load to weight ratio, capable of stabilizing 55 pounds of gear while weighing just 7.3 pounds.

When it comes to the Mark 5 tripod, durable versatility is the name of the game. Its carbon fiber legs and lightweight aluminum components stand up to high winds and harsh weather, and the 3 angle pivot locks give you the flexibility to shoot or glass comfortably from any position. On top of all that, an Arca Swiss mount allows you to attach most long range accessories for quick and precise movements facilitated by a smooth ball-head action.

The Mark 5 also has the broadest height range of all Leupold tripods. With four twist and lock leg sections and increased leg height, it stands 74 inches tall when fully extended and only 8.3 inches tall when the legs are opened to their widest setting.

Whether you’re moving from stage to stage during your next PRS match or packing into this year’s elk camp, you’ll appreciate the Mark 5’s lightweight reliability.

Leupold Mark 5 CF-455 Features

Aluminum Ball Head Action

The ball head is designed to be lightweight and rugged for smooth, precise movements in the field.

Carbon Fiber Construction

The plastic free design is built for durability. The legs are made from rugged, lightweight carbon fiber, while the components are aluminum for maximum extreme weather performance.

3 Angle Pivot Locks

Locking mechanisms at the top of each leg provide more flexibility in the field. The three different locking positions allow the legs to extend wider and lower to accommodate numerous heights and angles.

Twist and Lock Legs

Tactical locking grips on each leg section are easy to twist and lock in the field for quick height adjustments on the fly.

Counterweight Hook

An integrated counterweight hook allows you to add weight for extra stability while shooting or glassing in adverse conditions.

Rubber Feet

High grip rubber feet keep the tripod stable in wet conditions or on slick surfaces.

Arca Swiss Mounting System

Maximize your Options 

The Arca Swiss mounting system is the industry standard for observation and camera gear. Its base plate and clamp can stabilize your glass in just three easy steps. Attach the plate to your optic, slide it into the clamp, then lock them together by tightening the knob. Whatever equipment you have, there’s an Arca Swiss compatible accessory that can mount it to a Leupodl Tripod.

What’s Included

Mark 5 Tripod

Carrying Case

Counterweight Hook

3 Angle Pivot Locks

Hex Tools



Material Carbon Fiber
Head Type Ball Head
Leg Lock Type Twist Lock
Plate Compatibility Arca Swiss
Length when Folded in (in) 29
Height Max (in) 74
Height Min (in) 8.3
Max Height Without Center Column (in) 74
Weight (oz) 116.8
Load Capacity (lb) 55
Number of Leg Sections 4
Leg Diameter Max (mm) 40
Leg Diameter Min (mm) 28




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