Mechanix Wear Specialty Suppressor Cover

The Mechanix Wear Specialty Suppressor Cover was designed with Mechanix’s core mission of safety in mind. The 6″ suppressor cover holds true to safety by mitigating radiant heat that causes burns and mirage distortion to the user’s sight picture. The cover is hand crafted with CarbonX heat resistant fabric, padded with heavy felt and insulated with aluminum to contain extreme heat up to 2000°F

Mechanix Wear Specialty Suppressor Cover Features

Designed for 1.5″ outer diameter round suppressors with a body length of approximately 6″

Outer construction with CarbonX fabric rated to 2000° F

Interior construction combines CarbonX fabric, heavy felt and aluminum insulation to mitigate extreme heat up to 2000° F

CarbonX cord with metal lock provides a secure fit to your rifle


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Weight 1 lbs


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