Mepro FUBS Self Illuminated Flip Backup Sights

The Mepro FUBS Self Illuminated Flip Backup Sight is a low profile, durable flip up sight that is built to fold up and stay exactly where you need them until you no longer need them. They are designed to be used as your primary sight or as your backup sights in place of your optic. Quickly adjust, set, and forget the sight pin elevation without tools. Day or night, these iron sights are drop and shockproof and built for endless rounds of heavy recoil to keep you in the fight.  The backup plan is always in sight, out of your way but never out of sight with the Mepro FUBS Self Illuminated Flip Backup Sights.

Mepro FUBS Features

12 Year Warranty for night sight illumination

Can be used as primary or backup sights

Easy Installation, always ready for action



Click size 1/2 MOA (0.15 mRad)


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Additional information

Weight .1 lbs


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