Mepro Tru Dot Self Illuminating Night Sight

The Mepro Tru Dot Self Illuminating Night Sight models are the brightest night sights on the market today. They offer improved aiming which requires no transition from day to night use.  The Meprolight night sights are combat proven, and allows users to hit targets  in low light conditions with increase accuracy. The user’s aiming reference is three solid dots, in all light conditions. The night sights are always ready to be used with no batteries, or switches needed for use. The Tru Dot is completely maintenance free, a true set and forget addition to your pistol. The superior production methods and rigid quality control have made Meprolight the first choice among military and law enforcement agencies. Meprolight performs, controls and monitors all products and processes, to ensure they are at the demanding quality levels. The sights are now being used by Military, Law Enforcement, and Civilians on  six different continents.

Mepro Tru Dot Self Illuminating Night Sight Features

No Batteries. No Switches.  Always Ready When You Need Them.

Daytime confidence under low light conditions.

The brightest night sights on the market.

Integrated day and night sighting.

Maintenance Free.

Spec Sheet 

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Additional information

Weight N/A
Gun Make

Glock, Sig Sauer, Smith & Wesson

Gun Model

10MM/45ACP, 40/45ACP, 42, 43, 43x, 48, M&P Shield, MM/357SIG P Series except for P365XL, Standard Frames 9/357SIG/40/45GAP

Front Ring Color

Green, N/A

Rear Sight Style

Rear Sight Only – Square Notch, Rear Sight Only – Suppressor, Square Notch, Square Notch – Rear Sight Only, Suppressor, Suppressor – Rear Sight Only

Rear Ring Color

Green, Orange, Yellow