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Meprolight M21 Illuminated Reflex Sight


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Meprolight M21 Illuminated Reflex Sight

The Meprolight M21 is used and trusted by militaries and law enforcement agencies around the world. It is a self illuminating reflex sight that has a unique feature, in that it does not need batteries to operate. The point of aim recticle is created by a fiber optic collector system during the day, and by a miniature self powered tritium light source at night. The reflex sight has a 30 mm display window that allows the user to keep both eyes open for better situational awareness. The user has five reticle options,  4.3 MOA, 5.5 MOA dot, Triangle, Bullseye, and open X. The Mepro M21 is always ready to go no matter if it is day or night or weather conditions.

It is built from the highest military standards to assure the user of years of reliable operation under any conditions. With no switches, no battery or other external sources of power, the sight is always ready for action.

Meprolight M21 Features

30 mm diameter lens

Large field of view

Rapid target acquisition

Effective use of sight under extreme conditions

No batteries. Always ready for action

Spec Sheet

Reticle Options


Magnification 1x
Lens Diameter 30 mm
Field of View Unlimited with both eyes open
Eye Relief 10 to 600 mm
Power source Self Illuminated
Aiming Point Diameter 4.3 MOA/ 5.5 MOA/ Triangle/ Bullseye/ Open “X”
Dimensions (L x W x H) 114 x 55 x 70 mm (with Picatinny adaptor)
Weight 372 g (with Picatinny adaptor)


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