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SureFire WarComp Flash Hider


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SureFire WarComp Flash Hider

The revolutionary SureFire WARCOMP is the world’s most shoot-able flash hider. This device significantly lowers both muzzle flash and muzzle rise, helping to conceal your location, preserve dark adapted vision, and help keep you on target for faster follow up shots. The SureFire WARCOMP effectively takes away 98% of all muzzle flash, even on short barreled rifles. Precision machined from heat treated U.S. mill certified stainless steel bar stock helps for extreme durability and corrosion resistance. All WARCOMP flash hiders are DLC coated for wear resistance and ease of maintenance. Installation requires no permanent modifications to the weapon system. When used in conjunction with a SureFire SOCOM Series Fast Attach suppressor, the WARCOMP provides multiple bearing surfaces to ensure superior suppressor alignment.

SureFire WarComp Flash Hider Features

World’s most shoot able Flash Hider

Provides approximately 98% reduction in muzzle flash compared to a bare muzzle, which helps to hide the shooter’s location and preserve dark adapted vision

Reduction in muzzle rise helps for faster follow up shots

Port direction may be timed to optimize for right hand, left hand or neutral positioning

Serves as a mounting adapter for SureFire SOCOM and SOCOM2 Series Fast Attach suppressors


Construction Heat Treated Stainless Steel
Length 2.67 in
Weight 3.8 oz
Coating DLC Coating


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