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Surefire X400T Turbo Weapon Light w/ Laser


Available Options:

Surefire X400T Turbo Weaponlight and Aiming Laser

The Surefire X400T Turbo is a weapon light and aiming laser combo that is available with a red or green laser. It features a 56,000 candela focused by a precision made smooth parabolic reflector, that generates a far reaching high intensity beam with a focused center spot that is highly effective for long range engagements. You can count on the X400T to help you positively identify threats at significant distances.

It also provides a corona of diffused light to help you maintain situational awareness. The X400T’s highly visible <5 Milliwatt red or green laser allows you to get on target quickly without using your sights. Once zeroed, it rarely needs re-zeroing, thanks to Nylon adjustment screws that won’t back out from the effects of recoil.

Activating the X400T is done via ambidextrous switching located at the rear of the body, providing one finger control. Press the switch on either side for momentary on activation, flip up or down for constant on activation. Optional DG grip switches (for pistols) and pressure activated XT07 tape switch (for long guns) permit the X400T to be activated without altering your grip on your weapon.

The rugged light with T-slot thumbscrew clamp, attaches securely to the universal and Picatinny rails found on most handguns. The high strength aerospace aluminum body is mil-spec hard anodized for toughness and is o-ring and gasket sealed to make it weatherproof to IPX4 test standards.

Surefire X400T Features

Its precision made parabolic reflector produces a far reaching, high intensity beam for medium to long distance illumination

The highly visible 5 miliwatt red laser, provides quick, accurate target acquisition without using your sights

Integral ambidextrous momentary and constant on switching provides easy instant activation

The mode selector switch allows you to choose light only, laser only, or light plus laser

It attaches securely to Universal and Picatinny accessory rails

A Mil Spec hard anodized aluminum body and tempered window make it light rugged, durable and combat ready

The X400T accepts optional pressure activated DG and XT remote switches for precision control without altering weapon grip


Output 600 lumens
Runtime Light Only: 1.5 hours

Laser Only: 24 hours

Peak Beam Intensity 56,000 candela
Distance 473 meters
Constuction Aluminum
Finish Mil Spec Hard Anodized
Weight (w/ batteries) 5 ounces

(141.7 grams)

Length 3.76 inches

(9.55 cm)

Bezel Diameter 1.125 inches

(2.9 cm)

Batteries Two 123A lithium


Switching Ambidextrous push/toggle
Liquid Ingress Protection IPX4


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