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Swampfox Tomahawk II 1-6×24 SFP Riflescope – BFO (Bright Fiber Optic) Reticle


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Swampfox Tomahawk II 1-6×24 SFP Riflescope – BFO (Bright Fiber Optic) Reticle

The Swampfox Tomahawk II 1-6×24 is a second focal plane riflescope that is continuing the legacy of Swampfox’s original riflescope. The Tomahawk II features increased optical performance, offering an expansive eye box, wide field of view, and unmatched clarity. This riflescope is features a BFO (Bright Fiber Optic) reticle with red or green illumination. New capped windage, push/pull locking elevation turret with zero reset, and 12 illumination settings with intermittent on/off positions offer further upgrades over Gen 1, reflecting end user feedback and demands of modern riflemen.

Swampfox Tomahawk II Features

See fast, shoot fast

Designed with a generous eye box and considerable eye relief, Tomahawk II provides a critical advantage in competitive shooting, hunting, and tactical scenarios. Shoot with both eyes open for enhanced situational awareness and seamless target tracking across an exceptional field of view (FOV), while edge-to-edge glass clarity ensures you’ll never miss a moment or your mark.

Second Gen SFP

Tomahawk II maintains a Second Focal Plane (SFP) design. Best suited for shooting with speed and precision, SFP reticles stay a constant size regardless of magnification. Experience the versatility and ease of use of the second-generation Tomahawk II with the choice of two illuminated SFP reticles: Bullet Drop Compensation (BDC) or the new Bright Fiber Optic (BFO), both with MOA subtensions.

Versatile Illumination

Whether shooting in low light or under the bright sun, Tomahawk II shines with 12 illumination settings, including two compatible with night vision devices and two for daylight bright conditions. Its illumination turret features marked intermittent on/off positions between each setting to further extend runtime of a side loaded CR2032 battery.

Bright Fiber Optic

Shoot with our brightest reticle yet. The new Bright Fiber Optic (BFO) reticle delivers nuclear bright center point illumination in any light against any background. Choose from standard red or green illumination, as well as the return of amber and never-before-seen blue – only offered in Swampfox BFO reticle. In addition to benefitting shooters with astigmatism, amber is ideal for users with color deficiency/blindness while blue aids eye strain and fatigue to keep you shooting longer.

Precision Turret

Tomahawk II is equipped with a push/pull locking elevation turret with zero reset and 0.5 MOA adjustments across a 160 (1-4x) / 100 (1-6x) MOA range to accommodate in-field adjustments and uphill and downhill angles. Windage also offers 0.5 MOA/click adjustment and a 120/100 MOA range for even the strongest of gusts. From close quarters engagements to long-distance targets, take aim with precision confidence shot after shot.

Protected Construction

Constructed from durable 6061 aluminum with fully multi-coated, anti-fog, and hydrophobic lenses, Tomahawk II is built to resist use and abuse for ultimate dependability in even the most challenging environments. The addition of a locking elevation turret and capped windage provide an added layer of protection against accidental adjustments in the field and on the go.

Swampfox Warranty

All Swampfox optics come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty, providing robust protection against manufacturing and material defects. Swampfox offers 10-year coverage on the LED emitter with lifetime coverage on all other components. If the optic encounters any performance-compromising damage, Swampfox is committed to repairing or replacing it. This warranty does not extend to intentional or cosmetic damage, or to optics that are lost or stolen.

Bright Fiber Optic (BFO): Precision in MOA Subtensions

The BFO (Bright Fiber Optic) reticle, available in both 1-4 and 1-6 magnification ranges, is based on Minute of Angle (MOA) subtensions. MOA divides each degree into 60 precise increments, allowing shooters to accurately gauge distances and compensate for bullet drop in their scopes. One MOA corresponds to 1.05 inches at 100 yards, or 29.1mm.

Click here to download the full reticle manual

Ranging with MOA

Ranging with the BFO reticle is easy and effective, simply knowing the size of the target in inches is required. If the target size cannot be determined, use a nearby object for reference.

  • To range in yards: Target Size (inches) x 95.5 / Measured MOAs = Range (Yards)
  • To range in meters: Target Size (cm) x 34.38 / Measured MOAs = Range (Meters)

Ranging Examples

The BFO reticle features 5 MOA markings on both windage and elevation axes. To range with the BFO reticle, use the 5 MOA markings to measure the target size.

For example, if a target that is known to be 18 inches wide appears to be 6 MOA in your reticle, you can calculate the range as follows:

  • Target Size (inches) x 95.5 / Measured MOAs = Range (Yards)
  • 18 inches x 95.5 / 6 MOA = 285 Yards

By knowing the size of the target and measuring its size in MOA through your riflescope, you can easily and accurately estimate the range to your target.

Included in the Box

Tomahawk II SFP LPVO

Flip Up Lens Covers

Free Throw Lever

Allen 1.98mm Wrench for Throw Lever

Lens Cloth

S-Wing Wrench

CR2032 Battery

Scope Manual

Reticle Manual

Product Manual


Magnification 1-6x
Tube Diameter 30mm
Objective Lens Diameter 24mm
Exit Pupil (mm) 7.6mm-3.9mm
Eye Relief 3.39”-3.54” (1x-6x)
FOV @ 100 Yards 120.43’-20.9’ (1x-6x)
Click Value 1/2 MOA
Parallax Setting 100 yds
Travel Per Rotation 100 Clicks/50 MOA
Max Elevation Adjustment 100 MOA
Max Windage Adjustment 100 MOA
Lens Coating Fully Multi-Coated / Anti-fog / Hydrophobic
Illumination 12 illumination settings with intermittent on/off positions
Battery Side-mounted CR2032 Battery
Reticle BDC
Fast Focus Diopter Yes, -2 to +2
Turret Style Push/Pull Locking elevation Turret with Zero Reset and capped windage turret
Length 9.57”
Weight 20.59 oz
Waterproof Rating IPX7
Impact Resistance 1,100 G Force




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