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Trijicon Cantilever Mount w/ Trijicon Q-LOC Technology


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Trijicon Cantilever Mount w/ Trijicon Q-LOC Technology

The Trijicon Cantilever Mount is made of 6061-T6 aluminum and features Trijicon’s Q-LOC Technology. It has an easy to use one handed tool less mounting system. The spring loaded design allows for constant retention and maintaining of zero even if the knobs are not tightened.

This mount boats a low weight and low profile design with precise return to zero performance and is compatible with any Mil-Spec or NATO Picatinny Rail.

Designed specifically for variable powered optics, this lightweight mount is perfect for mounting Trijicon variable powered tube scopes with an objective lens up to 56mm, on any platform with a Picatinny Rail. Trijicon’s cantilever mount with Q-LOC Technology at a height of 1.535 in. or 1.590 in. will also match the standard height above rail for all clip on devices.

NOTE: Fits objective lens up to 56mm. Matches height above rail of rail potential clip on.

Trijicon Cantilever Mount Features

Quick Release, Return to Zero

Multiple proprietary recoil lugs ensure total rail engagement. Easily remove and re-attach without needing to confirm zero.

Automatic Retention Keeps Optic Secure

Heavy duty springs ensure secure retention under heavy, repeated recoil. Facilitates one-handed mounting.

Snag Resistant Knob Design

Compact, circular design minimizes hazards of gear snags.

Precision Cut Dimensions

Ensures optimal placement on MIL-STD 1913, NATO, non-mil spec, and even damaged rails.

Proven Durability

Machined from 6061 aluminum for outstanding, repeatable performance.

Torque Spec (to Rail)

Spring Tension Only: 12-16 in./lbs

Can be Tightened To: 44-66 in./lbs

Torque Spec (Ring Caps)

14-16 in./lbs

Spec Sheet


Weight 7.6 oz.


Tube Size 3omm


Length 6.1 in


Width 2.07 in


Height Above Rail (in/mm) 1.535 in. (38.99mm)

1.59″ in. (40.39mm)

Feature Trijicon Q-LOC Technology



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