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Trijicon EO IR-Patrol M300 – 19mm Thermal Handheld / Helmet / Rifle Mounted (60Hz)

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Whether your mission is searching for a suspect or securing your position, the Trijicon IR-PATROL™ is the ideal multipurpose thermal imaging monocular. It’s compact, lightweight and rugged. And it offers some of the most advanced performance options on the market for a clear, sharp image. Choose from handheld, helmet-mounted or rifle-mounted IR-PATROL systems.

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Trijicon EO IR-Patrol M300

The IR-PATROL offers a high-performance thermal core, along with the industry-leading 640 x 480 VGA OLED Micro Display, to give the user optimal detection capabilities and clear, detailed imagery they can trust to conquer darkness.

Trijicon EO IR-Patrol M300 Features

Superior Processing Power

Comes with a digital OLED display, 640 x 480 pixel resolution and 12 micron sensor pitch.

Versatile by Design

Choose from handheld, helmet mounted or rifle mounted IR PATROLTM system.

Hands Free Observation

With the IR-PATROL M250, you can take advantage of the lightweight design and fast, 60 Hz frame-rate system that is optimized for helmet mounting. The optional Wilcox adapter kit makes it easy to fit the system on most helmets.

Thumbstick System Controller

Fully ruggedized, weatherproof, multidirectional thumbstick control comes standard. Unlike most conventional buttons, the IR-PATROL controls are large and easy to find in complete darkness.

Afocal Magnifier Lens Multipliers

Optional 2x and 3x Afocal Magnifiers provide an easy, cost-effective way to get long-range magnification. By using an Afocal Magnifier, your system will double or triple its lens magnification, depending upon the magnifier you purchase.

Edge Detect Tactical Mode

This is an entirely new way to view your target with more precision. Edge Detect Mode is a fraction of the brightness of other modes so your eyes are not as prone to night blindness from the screen.

Maxpol Polarity White Hot/Black Hot

The IR-PATROL comes with an easy-tocontrol polarity mode that lets you switch between three levels of white hot and three levels of black hot. Why limit yourself to one setting? With low, medium and high levels, you can pick your perfect mode.


Application Handheld / Tripod / Rifle Mounted
Sensor Resolution 640×480
Sensor Micron 12 μm
Sensor Type Vox Vanadium Oxide
Frame Rate 60 Hz
Display Type Digital OLED
Thermal Sensitivity < 50mK
Spectral Response 8-12 MICRONS
Field of View 22°
Eye Relief 27mm
Diopter -6 / +2
Magnification / E-Zoom 1x Optical / 8x Digital
Objective Lens 19mm f/1.2
Battery Type CR123 Lithium
Battery Life Approx. 2 hours / battery
Environmental -40°C to +55°C Operating -45°C to +75°C Storage
Weight 16 oz. / 454g
Dimensions 5.95 in. x 2.0 in. x 2.95 in.
User Interface Thumbstick
Mounting Kit Wilcox Shoe Interface
Shoe Interface Yes
Polarity / E-Zoom Yes
Edge Detect Yes
Image Capture Yes
Video Output Yes
Reticle Features Yes
Configuration Levels Yes


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