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Unity Tactical FAST COG Series Mount  – Multiple Options


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Unity Tactical FAST COG Series Mount

The Unity Tactical FAST COG Series Mount was designed specifically for the Trijicon ACOG and VCOG. It provides end users with a quicker sight picture than standard height mounts. The mount raises the optical centerline to 2.05″ above the rail for faster and easier sight pictures. These scopes come from the factory with a low mount that can impede stock weld and sight pictures while wearing plate carriers, helmets, and communication headsets. The taller FAST mount is a drop in replacement for the OEM device and greatly aids in rapid threat engagement. It is compatible with the entire FAST Offset Accessory suite for rapid transition to a Miniature Red Dot Sight.


Interface Trijicon ACOG/VCOG
Height 2.05” to Optical Center Line
Rail Mount 3 Cross bolt rail grabbers
Material 7075 T6 Aluminum
Coating Type III Hardcoat Anodized
Dimensions 3.65” (L) x 1.22” (W) x 1.05” (H)
Weight 2.9 oz (82 grams)


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