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Unity Tactical MARK 2.0 Modular Attach Rail Kit


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Unity Tactical MARK 2.0 Modular Attach Rail Kit

The Unity Tactical MARK 2.0 Modular Attach Rail Kit provides you with an easy integration of electronic hearing protection and/or communication headsets with head-borne systems. The 2.0 model is updated with increased modularity and compatibility with various non-spec rail manufacturers. Designed to reduce the overall profile of helmets and improve the seal of ear protection, MARK 2.0 is compatible with every major helmet rail type.

Constructed of impact resistant polymer, MARK 2.0 is ready for hard use in harsh environments. MARK 2.0 kits come with all hardware for Ops-Core ARC (and similar) and Team Wendy EXFIL rail systems. M-LOK adapters are sold separately. This version adapts Ops-Core AMP headsets. It is designed to allow users to mount the AMP Headset to helmets with no rear rail for mounting the factory OEM AMP Helmet Rail Adapters.

This Rail Kit comes in Black or Flat Dark Earth and with or without the Kit with OpsCore Hardware.

The kits with OC hardware come complete with the OEM OpsCore AMP Helmet Mount Cradle Clips.  The kits without OC hardware do come with these pieces.

**NOTE** The Wire Forms for the MARK2 AMP variant are different than the Wire Forms for the standard Peltor-type MARK2 kits.  They are not interchangeable.  Attempting to do so will possibly damage the hardware.

The MARK2 AMP Kit allows users to place the popular OpsCore AMP headset on a variety of helmets that feature ARC-style and EXFIL rails.  It will also attach to M-LOK rails with the standard MARK2 MLOK Adapter Kit.



Item Weight ‎1.50 ounces
Brand Name    ‎ Unity Tactical
Material          ‎ Plated Music Wire

Impact Resistant Polymer

Compatible ‎ARC, MLOK, EXFIL
Fits Ops-Core AMP Headset



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