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UUB Gear Yeti UKOALA Bag – Multiple Options


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UUB Gear Yeti UKOALA Bag

Walk with confidence with the UUB Gear Yeti UKOALA Bag. The Yeti, spawned from its sibling the Phoenix, is made with 12 Ann Waxed Canvas, which has the strength and durability of the canvas but is extremely resistant. One of our customers favorite EDC/CCW bag due to its high quality build and design, it’s a sophisticated design with antique and vintage, muted “brass smoking” buckle and hardware, portrays an intense rustic feel. The Yeti is also equipped with a mesh back to minimize sweating, a hidden back pocket, a single front pouch (made to fit most cell phone sizes), and a side pocket for carrying pepper spray, a knife, a flashlight, or a multi use tool.

As with all UUB Gear bags, the brown interior cloth is silky, soft, and durable. The Yeti’s two adjustable straps make for an easy and comfortable fit, with the belt leg strap providing an extra level of security. All of UUB Gear bags are also made to accommodate an optional detachable holster system (sold separately).

UUB Gear Yeti UKOALA Bag Features

Standard Size: Color Choices: Wax Black, Dark Green, or Taupe

Expanded Size: Color Choices: Wax Black, Dark Green, or Taupe

IDEAL FOR:  Travelers, Minimalists, Motorcyclists, Everyday Use, Shopping, Horseback Riding

Limited warranty on all zippers, buckles, straps and hardware.



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