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Vertx MAK Band Full

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Vertx MAK Band Full

Experience the unique storage options of Vertx Tactigami with the Vertx MAK Band Full accessory system. MAK stands for Mags and Kit. The band adapts to secure larger EDC items such as flashlights, tools or knives. Built from Velcro One Wrap, this accessory pairs with any of the Vertx bags and packs for everyday carry options and ultimate concealment. When attached to a loop panel, the MAK Band Full provides unmatched organizatinoal capability.

Vertx MAK Band Full Features

Sized to fit larger items such as flashlights, tools or knives

Secures items in place with elastic retention

Attaches to loop panel in any direction for a completely customized setup

Designed to customize storage in Vertx loop lined bags and packs

Compatible with other loop surfaces

Can be cut to size without fray

Patented design

Made of VELCRO Brand ONE WRAP hook and loop


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