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Vertx Tactigami Tech & Multi-Tool Pouch

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Vertx Tactigami Tech & Multi-Tool Pouch

The Vertx Tactigami Tech & Multi-Tool Pouch securely stows inside any of the Vertx bags. Also, this pouch can be used solo to protect your handheld devices from the elements. Lastly, the multi-tool pouch is sized to fit smartphones, GPS device, and/or multi-tools.

Vertx Tactigami Tech & Multi-Tool Pouch Features

Adjustable sizing allows for smart phones, GPS devices, satellite messengers and multi-tools

Rugged snap-secured straps and solid carabiner allow for attachment to belts, bags and MOLLE panels

Black fabrication with contrast embroidery and hardware allow for easy identification inside bags

Versatile design applies to all needs (EDC, Medical, Photography, Survival, etc.)

Hook and loop wrap can be rearranged to secure pouch in Vertx bags or any other hook and loop compatible surface


Durable CORDURA outer fabric

7”H x 4”W x 2”D

Recommended For

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Bag Size 7″x4″x2″
Weight 3.8 oz


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