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Vertx Weaponguard Action Henley – Heather Indigo


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Vertx Weaponguard Action Henley – Heather Indigo

The Vertx Weaponguard Action Henley is one of the most comfortable cool weather shirts of all time.  As its name implies, and ideally suited for the Prepared Professional, this Henley’s unique WeaponGuard under layer protects your midsection from irritation and abrasion caused by concealed firearms and other gear carried on your belt. Put on the shirt, tuck the VaporCore under layer into your pants, and load up for bear without being concerned about rough grips rubbing you the wrong way. The Henley’s raglan sleeves and athletic fit ensure comfort and superb flexibility no matter what contortions you subject it to.

Weaponguard Action Henley Features

2 hidden mini stash pockets let you pre load key items up to 2.25 inches long

VaporCore WeaponGuard under layer promotes easier clearing and drawing of concealed firearms, regulates body temperature and dries rapidly

Comms loop inside the back collar

Comms lead pass through slots on both side seams of the under layer

Three button placket

Soft knit collar


Stretch flat lock sleeve and main body seams

Extended semi compression WeaponGuard layer stays tucked in

Contrast stitching

Nonbinding cuffs

Soft and stitchless size label


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