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Warne Aimpoint T1 Red Dot Riser

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Warne Aimpoint T1 Red Dot Riser

The Warne Aimpoint T1 Red Dot Riser was designed and made in the USA. It offers easy height adjustments between absolute and lower 1/3 co-witness in one package to fit all T1/T2 interface red dot optics. All riser mounts that Warne offer share a robust mounting base, while the top is engineered specially for different red dot styles

Warne Aimpoint T1 Red Dot Riser Features

Height w/o insert Absolute Co-Witness

Height w/insert lower 1/3rd Co-Witness

T1-T2 type interface

Fits the T1-T2, H1-H2, Crossfire, Romeo 5 Red Dot and Holosun 403, 503, 515, 530

All risers include a .180” thick spacer

Designed and MADE IN USA

Installation Instructions

Assembly Instructions for 6101M – Aimpoint

Assemble base, mount and sight with supplied T-10 screws.

Starting on the underside of the base insert supplied T-10* screws up through the bottom into your sight & loosely tighten all 4 screws

Continue to tighten to a max of 18 in/lb

Place mount on rail and tighten nut to a max of 65 in/lb

*Use longer screws with spacer plate, shorter screws w/o spacer

1 review for Warne Aimpoint T1 Red Dot Riser

  1. Sean Townsend (verified owner)

    I’m sad to say as a fan of Warne’s scope mounts and rings, that I was very disappointed with this mount. The problem lies in the spacer, it is not machined to tight tolerances and has a noticeable gap where it interfaces with the base and the portion that connects to the optic. I understand torque specs and proper use of threadlocker, and I was able to twist the optic off zero after mounting. I reached out to Warne support and they were great and very helpful, and they sent me a new mount. The replacement had the exact same problem. 3 stars for good support and a great company, but this mount is just not up to their standards. I will still use their rings and one piece AR mounts, but I went elsewhere for an Aimpoint mount.

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