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ZEISS LRP S3 6-36×56 Scope


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ZEISS LRP S3 6-36×56 Scope

The ZEISS LRP S3 6-36×56 scope will have you prepared for your next hunt. The first focal plane scope provides the best in class total elevation travel combined with an advanced optical system. Delivering ultra sharp images and gather the maximum amount of light for low light conditions with the ability to reach out to identify game at great distances.

ZEISS LRP S3 offers the best solution for medium to extreme long range use. The 6x-36x magnification range is combined with a 32 MRAD elevation turret which supports more precise shot placements.

ZEISS LRP S3 6-36×56 Features

Best in Class Total Elevation Travel

With a staggering amount of total elevation travel.

110 MOA or 32 MRAD for the 6-36×56 model

Advanced Optics

With Extra Low Dispersion (ED) glass elements, ZEISS T* multi-coated lenses, and 90% light transmission, the ZEISS LRP S3 models deliver advanced optical performance.

Ballistic Stop and External Locking Windage Turret

ZEISS LRP S3 scope utilize ZEISS’ proven Ballistic Stop to provide an absolute and true return to zero. Furthermore, they offer an External Locking Windage Turret that provides immediate access for wind corrections, with a locking feature.

Daylight Visible Illuminated Reticle

Digitally controlled diffractive reticle illumination technology delivers an exceptionally bright point of aim – regardless of the amount of incoming light – allowing you to confirm precise shot placement on target.

A Clear View, Whatever the Weather

There are always exciting things to be seen in the world of nature – even in wet weather. This is why ZEISS developed LotuTec. A coating for the lenses of binoculars and spotting scopes that enables a clear and unhindered view in all weather conditions.

ZEISS T* Coating

ZEISS T* coating is a guarantee of the brilliant, high contrast images which you will experience above all in adverse light conditions and in the twilight. Behind it, however, there is no specific formula for building up the layers. Instead, it is a technology that is constantly adjusted to quit new glass materials and requirements, which varies from lens to lens.

Shock and Awe

ZEISS’ stringent testing procedures ensure faultless performance in the most rugged hunting conditions imaginable, making it possible for you to act and react with ultimate confidence in every hunting and shooting situation.

Shock Test With up to 1,500 Times G-Force

Impact shock test at 1,500 g-force, which corresponds to shooting the 460 Weatherby Magnum cartridge, with a 500 grain bullet traveling at 2,600 feet per second.

Water, Water Everywhere

After hours in the rain and cold, the hunter’s resolve remains to be tested to the end. To the end of what? The end of the rain, the end of the day, the end of the hunt? Rest assured, whatever your answer, ZEISS optics will be there with you, and waiting for the next time to go hunting in even tougher conditions.

Waterproofing Immersion Test

Water immersion test – Validated waterproof up to 13 feet for 2 hours.

Abuse Vs. Reward

Whether packing it in on a truck, on hoof and saddle, or on foot, the rough terrain demands the most of your equipment has to offer. Rest assured, just as you are able to withstand the bumps, bruises, and breaks from your hunt, your ZEISS gear will be there to take the punishment right along with you. And it will be there to help you obtain your reward of the harvest.

Continuous Shocks for 90 Minutes

Continuous vibration test – Even after 1.5 hours of continuous vibration in various directions, upon repeating the shot test for accuracy, the grouping on the test target remains unchanged.

From the Sahara to the Arctic

Wherever your hunting adventures takes you, ZEISS knows the conditions are never very favorable. Optics and their mechanical counterparts must conform to the violent environmental shifts to be reliable and repeatable. Extreme heat and cold awaits the hunter around the globe. This is the time for performance – no excuses. ZEISS optics operates reliably in the most severe climatic conditions.

Temperature Shock

Extreme temperature shock test – ZEISS optics are tested by exposure to rapid temperature shocks from -13° F to 122° F within a period of 5 minutes.

Hard Core Hunting

ZEISS optics are high precision tools proven extremely reliable when exposed to the harshest salt water testing. All ZEISS optics are exhaustively tested to ensure their endurance and suitability for every condition your hunt and nature has to offer.

24 Hours in Salt Spray

Corrosion resistant test – Withstands over 24 hours of continuous salt spray environment and remains corrosion free.

ZF-MOAi Illuminated Reticle 

The ZF-MOAi smart reticle was designed with precision shooting and long range hunting in mind. This is a great reticle for the most challenging shots in the field and on the range. The clean and clutter free reticle utilizes hash marks that represent 1 MOA (minute of angle), and even numbers are displayed for fast visual reference. The windage dots below centerline are placed at 2 MOA increments, so that you can easily confirm the wind’s influence on the bullet’s impact down range. The floating center point of aim provides a precise hold not he most difficult targets.

ZF-MRi Illuminated Reticle 

ZF-MRi smart reticle was designed with professional input from active competitors and instructors Its purpose is to dominate at PRS and NRL matches. The milliradian (MRAD) reticle incorporates a “tree-style” primary structure with useful hash marks, dots, and reference numbers – without the clutter. The points of aim and holds are represented in 0.2, 0.5, and 1.0 MRAD increments; and even numbers are displayed for fast and intuitive visual reference. If winning is your goal, then the ZF-MRi reticle was made for you.

Product Manual 


Magnification 6 – 36 ×
Effective lens diameter 56 mm
Light transmission 90%
Exit pupil diameter 8.8 – 1.6 mm
Twilight factor 17.7 – 44.9
Field of view at 100 m (yds) 6.8 – 1.1 m (20.4 – 3.3 ft)
Objective viewing angle 3.9° – 0.6°
Diopter adjustment range + 3.0 | − 3.0 dpt
Eye relief 80 – 90 mm (3.0 – 3.5 “)
Parallax setting 10 m – ∞ (10.9 yds – ∞)
Vertical adjustment range at 100 m 32.0 MRAD | 110 MOA
Lateral adjustment range at 100 m 14.6 MRAD | 50 MOA
Adjustment per click at 100 m 0.1 MRAD | 0.25 MOA
Centre tube diameter 34 mm
Eyepiece tube diameter 45 mm
Objective tube diameter 60 mm
LotuTec | Nitrogen filled + | +
Water resistance 400 mbar
Operating temperature − 25°C | + 56°C (− 13°F | + 133°F)
Length 384 mm (15.1 “)
Weight (without inner rail) 1107 g (39.1 oz)


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