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ZEV Tech Pin Kit – Fits Glock Gen 1-4



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ZEV Tech Pin Kit

Designed for anyone having issues disassembling their Glock frame for cleaning and maintenance purposes. Machined from titanium. Size specific pins for each location, easily identifiable. Easy to install. Grooved for retention and better grip in frame. ZEV Parts always incorporate design, feel and performance at the same time.

Titanium Pin Kit Contents

Titanium ground and machined parts
Trigger Pin
Locking block pin
Ejector housing pin (Full 3rd gen length)

Compatible Models

Glock Gen 1-3

17 C,17 L,19,19 C,20,20 C,20 S,21,21 C,21 C,21 S,22,22 C,23,23 C,24,24 C,26,27,29,29 S,30,30 S,31,31 C,32,32 C,33,34,35,37,38,&39

Glock Gen 4



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