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BE Meyers MAWL C1 Modular Advanced Weapon Laser

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BE Meyers MAWL C1 Modular Advanced Weapon Laser

The BE Meyers MAWL C1 is a Modular Advanced Weapon Laser. It is the world’s first commercially available NIR and visible green laser aiming device using Class 1+ technology. It retains all of the ergonomic, clarity, modularity, and interface enhancements of the BE Meyers MAWL-DA, and offers more infrared illumination output power than any FDA Class 3R or Class 1 laser on the commercial market.

The MAWL C1 features greater illumination range, an improved beam pattern and quality at all ranges compared to other commercially available laser devices. The Laser’s design simplifies complex multi position switches and consolidates these choices into the settings you need: short range, mid range, and long range, with the power and divergences appropriate for each. At only 0.37” above the rail, the buttons are lower than any other device, and fits perfectly with common weapon lights and micro BUIS. The BE Myers MAWL-C1 is completely ambidextrous: simply swap the end cap and head, and remount to use left handed. The laser is available in both Black and FDE.


Laser Class 3R
Weight 10.4 oz. w/ Battery
Dimensions 5.5″ L X 2.8″ W X 2″ H
Wavelength NIR, Visible Green
Point Range Varied
Flood Range Varied
Max Output Varied
Power Source One (1) 3V CR123A
Housing 6061-T6 Type II Anodized
Azimuth and Elevation 0.3 MRAD / 1.03 MOA Per Click


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