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EoTech Vudu 8-32x50mm SFP Precision Scope


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EOTech Vudu 8-32x50mm Precision Scope

Designed specifically for the competitive F-class and bench rest shooter, but remains equally at home for the long range recreational shooter or hunter. The powerful new 8-32x50mm second focal plane Vudu rifle scope features competition grade turrets with easy to read MOA adjustments with the confidence gained by awesome 32x magnification. Calibrated in .125 MOA (1/8″ per click @ 100 yards) so you can dial in to your highest level of precision yet. Its side mounted parallax adjustment allows you to focus the reticle to the target, while its XC High Density (HD) glass delivers outstanding detail at extreme distances.

Controlled under Export Administration Regulations (EAR); may not be exported without proper authorization by the U.S. Department of Commerce. L3 EOTECH reserves the right to change the product specifications at any time without notice. These are preliminary specifications. All brand names and product names referenced are trademarks, registered trademarks or trade names of their respective holders.

Vudu 8-32x50mm Precision Scope Features

Second Focal Plane

Objective Lens Diameter – 50 mm

Single Piece 34 mm tube

XC High Density Glass

Parallax Adjustment

Competition Tactical Turret

s.125 MOA Adjustments

Sunshade Included

Elevation and Windage Adjustments

The Vudu 8-32x SFP riflescope contains precision tool-less adjustable elevation and windage turret dials for zeroing your rifle. The adjustments contain an audible click with a distinctive tactile feel to assist the shooter in making the proper Point of Impact (POI) correction. To make an adjustment, simply remove the turret cap and make the required adjustment. The turrets are clearly marked with the appropriate MOA correction.
Adjustments in the counterclockwise direction will move the POI up. Adjustments in the clockwise direction will move the POI down.
Adjustments in the counterclockwise direction will move the POI right. Adjustments in the clockwise direction will move the POI left.
The Vudu 8-32x Sfp riflescope turrets use click calibrated for minutes of angle (MOA).
Each click of the turret will adjust the POI 0.125 MOA:
0.125 MOA
Equals 0.13 inches at 100 yards
Example: At 200 yards, 4 clicks will move the POI 1.04 inches.

Re-Indexing the Turret Dials

After successfully zeroing your rifle, the indicator number located around the perimeter of the turrets will likely be set on a number other than 0. You can quickly and easily re-index this scale back to zero. Although not necessary, it is recommended that you perform this step as it will allow you to quickly return back to your zero at any time without needing to remember the numeric turret location.
To re-index the turret scale back to 0, perform the following steps:
1. Zero your rifle
2. Unload and clear your rifle.
3. While holding onto the elevation turret dial to prevent it from turning, loosen the turret cap.
4. Remove the turret cap.
5. Pulling straight out, remove the turret dial from the riflescope.
6. The turret dial contains an o-ring seal to prevent moisture from entering the turret assembly. After removal, keep the turret dial facing upwards to prevent the o-ring from falling out.
7. Align the ‘0’ marking on the turret dial with the vertical alignment marking on the riflescope body and gently reinsert the dial back onto the turret assembly.
8. Tighten the turret cap back onto the dial while holding the dial with your other hand to prevent rotation.
9. Repeat the same procedure on the windage dial.
Your riflescope is now set to ‘0’. Should you need to make any turret adjustment to correct for distance or wind, you can quickly return back to this original zero setting. It also serves as a quick visual aid to verify that your turrets have not been inadvertently moved.

Quick Throw Lever

A quick throw lever is supplied with your Vudu riflescope. It is designed to allow for rapid magnification changes. You can install the throw lever by screwing it into the threaded hole on the eye-piece. The lever should be installed finger tight. A drop of medium lactate (blue) on the threads will help prevent the lever from backing out under recoil. Should you wish to remove the throw lever, store it in a secure place for future use.

HC2 MOA Subtensions

The HC2 reticle is based on the Minute of Angle, or MOA, angle of measurement. With a known target size, and the magnification level set to the highest setting, this system allows the shooter to use angle ratios to determine distance of targets with reliable accuracy. One MOA subtends to approximately 1 inch (1.047 exactly) at 100 yards. The Vudu 8-32x riflescope with the HC2 reticle uses 0.125 MOA per click adjustments that subtend to 1/8 inch at 100 yards.


Magnification 8x – 32x
Objective Lens 50mm
Focal Plane Second Focal Plan
Eye Relief 8x: 86-98 mm; (3.39-3.86 in.)

32x: 89-98 mm (3.50-3.86 in.

Exit Pupil 8x: 5.3 mm (.21 in.)

32x: 1.6 mm (.06 in.)

Field of View (Degrees) 8x: 2.53 degrees

32x: 0.63 degree

Field of View (@100 yards) 8x: 4.0 m (13.2 ft.)

32x: 1.0 m (3.3 ft.)

Exterior Finish Flat Black;Type III anodized
Battery Type CR2032
Auto Power Down to Sleep Mode Approximately 2 hours
Battery Life, Typical Time of Use at Room Temperature Approximately 500 hours at middle brightness setting 5*
Overall Length 270mm

(10.63 in)

Weight w/ Battery 926 g

(32.7 oz)

Tube Diameter 34mm
Country of Origin Made in Japan


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