FOXPRO Tantrum Predator Hand Call

The FOXPRO Tantrum incorporates a closed reed design, which is extremely easy to use for beginners, yet still gives unique tones that are difficult to match with open or bite reed calls. The Tantrum has a soft flexible bell for better comfort while calling. The FOXPRO Tantrum makes a raspier sound, which gives you to mimic jackrabbit and fawn distresses with great volume capabilities.

FOXPRO Tantrum Features

Closed reed design

Easy to use

Versatile calling applications

Makes jackrabbit, fawn and other prey distress sounds

Redesigned soft flexible bell for extreme comfort


Sound Possibilities Produces jackrabbit, fawn and other prey distress sounds
Reed(s) Information Closed reed design
Warranty 30 Days, Limited
Weight 0.75 lbs

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Additional information

Weight .7 lbs


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