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Lightforce Flexible LED Strip Light


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Lightforce Flexible LED Strip Light

The Lightforce Flexible LED Strip Light is ultra flexible, versatile and a dimmable LED light that is perfect for your next adventure. It is ideal for camping and general outdoor lighting. Made up of 72 high intensity SMD5730 LEDs, it delivers more than enough light for most applications.

The LED casing and variable powered controller has an IP65 rating, which means they’re dustproof and water resistant. The 4000K natural white light output provides maximum clarity, yet is gentle on the eyes and offers minimum attraction of insects.

This light is equipped with two fully adjustable durable hooks at either end of the light casing. It is the perfect light for the camper trailer, tent, and boat awning or anywhere a quality light is needed. Multiple Velcro straps on the back of the casing conveniently enable the light to be affixed to any rigid support like tent poles.

Lightforce Flexible LED Strip Light Features

Dimmable light 1% to 100%

Alligator clips with utility socket for direct connection to battery included

Hook and loop mounting tabs for multiple mounting configurations

Fully adjustable hooks on both ends for flexible mounting options

Fully adjustable light intensity

High output 5730 LEDs

Resistant to water, dust and moisture

Natural white light for maximum clarity

UV & scratch resistant clear PVC

Extremely lightweight and compact

Carry bag included



Raw Lumens 1600
Current Draw 0.7 amps @ 12V
Wattage 15W
Weight 400g


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