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Mepro MicroRDS Red Dot Sight Kit – Multiple Options


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Mepro MicroRDS Red Dot Sight Kit

The Mepro MicroRDS Red Dot Sight Kit is the quickest and easiest upgrade in the history of accuracy. It brings the rapid target acquisition of a full size red dot rifle optic to a compact pistol sight. The MicroRDS features a patented quick detach (QD) adaptor kit that easily mounts using the pistol’s existing rear sight dovetail slot. No drilling, tapping or need for a gunsmith.

It is the only red dot solution that instantly mounts and dismounts without having to re-zero, with an adaptor that also gives the user a Mepro Tru Dot self illuminated sight as a back up when the red dot optic is removed. Built to mount in minutes to any pistol with red dot capability. It also serves as an excellent close quarters red dot sight and backup sights for rifles and shotguns.

Mepro MicroRDS Red Dot Sight Kit Features

One sight fits multiple firearms – handguns (both classic and optics ready), rifles, and shotguns
Clear aiming point for all light conditions
Patent Quick Detach (QD) Adaptor – keeps the sight zeroed at all times
Mounts directly to Meprolight’s Tru Dot self illuminated pistol sights
Self illuminated backup night sight
Battery replacement does not require removal of sight from gun mounts


Kit Includes

Mepro microRDS Red Dot Sight.
Quick Detach Adaptor.
Backup Self illuminated Night Sight Set.



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