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Modlite 18350 Body – Multiple Options


Available Options:

Modlite 18350 Body

If you are looking for a direct replacement body for your Surefire Scout Light M600DF weapon lights and the KE2-DF head, than the Modlite 18350 Body is for you. (This is the only SureFire light head it is compatible with). It is approximately 1.25 inches shorter and about 1.5 oz lighter than the M600DF body with battery. This allows for additional rail space especially on SBR and pistol builds. Available in a Black or FDE finish.

The Modlite 18350 Light Body is compatible with SureFire z68, Modlite TCC tailcoats along with Surefire UE and DS00 tail caps. It will also fit in any aftermarket Scout mount, as it retains the mounting holes and square lug interface on the underside of the light body. Modlite recommends the Arisaka Defense mounts.

This light body accepts 18350 cells only. Lithium CR123 cells are not supported and if used will cause the cells to heat up and possibly explode or catch fire. Modlite recommends the KeepPower high drain 18350 1200mAh cells.


Weight (w/o battery) .7oz
Width/Diameter 1” (no head)
Length (no tailcap) 1 3/8” (no head)
Legnth + Clicky Tailcap 2 ¾”


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