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Nightforce X-treme Duty Ultralite One-Piece Magmount – 34mm (Titanium/Alloy)

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Nightforce X-treme Duty Ultralite One Piece Magmount

The Ultralite MagMount adds a third crossbolt for even greater protection against recoil.

This mount comes either in 1.375” height and 30 mm diameter and 1.44″ height and 34 mm diameter versions. The height of the Ultralite MagMount allows clearance of 56 mm objective riflescopes when mounted on a continuous rail. MagMounts have a zero degree taper.

The new Compact Magmount adds to the tough and reliable Nightforce Xtreme-Duty Ultralite Unimount and Magmount mounting systems, with titanium/aluminum construction providing the performance of steel at half the weight.  The Compact Magmount requires less rail space than the traditional Magmount, and is available to fit 34mm riflescope tubes.  Options available include both zero and 20 MOA of taper.


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