NVision ATLAS Thermal Binoculars

The NVision ATLAS Thermal Binocular was created with wildlife enthusiasts, hunters, photographers and search and rescue professionals in mind. The binocular gives the user the ability to detect and witness various creatures in their natural habitat. No matter if they are hiding in the bush, in the trees, or in a field at a long distance the ATLAS gives the user a superior edge in the outdoors.

The Thermal Binocular is the first commercially available thermal binocular based on 12 micron technology. Lightweight and fully waterproof, the NVision ATLAS is extremely robust and capable. It is constructed of durable composite plastics and features a high resolution thermal image with extended detection, recognition and identification ranges in even the most challenging conditions. The long lasting battery life makes the ATLAS the ideal tool for outdoorsmen who demand nothing but the best equipment in the field.

NVision ATLAS Thermal Binoculars

Survey, Identify, Track

Scan your surroundings in thermal vision. Detect heat signatures camouflaged to the naked eye. Identify unsuspecting creatures in the bush, wooded areas, tree line, or open fields. Track and pursue with assurance. ATLAS provides the edge in the outdoors.

Adventure with Confidence

Adventure through any environment and be poised in your surroundings.  Even in the most challenging weather conditions the NVsion ATLAS Thermal Binocular continues to perform. ATLAS has a long lasting battery life, is water proof, floats, and is built with Anti-reflective (AR) coated high speed (F1.2) Germanium optics. Be confident that you will locate and identify what it is you seek with the best equipment in the field.

Over 1.25 Miles Detection Range For Man Size Figure

Detect and identify heat signatures at extended ranges in the most challenging environmental conditions with ATLAS’ state of the art 640×480, 12 micron sensor, with industry leading 60Hz refresh rate.  ATLAS provides 2x and 4x digital zoom capability inside a durable, no-slip rubberized housing. ATLAS is built for the outdoors.

Observe Targets in Complete Darkness

Observe targets in complete darkness while utilizing 4 different polarity viewing modes: Black Hot, White Hot, Color Pallet, and our unique Edge Detect mode not found in any other commercially available thermal binocular. Ideal for a wide variety of uses including hunting, search and rescue operations, wildlife observation, and surveillance.

Capture and Store Media

Create lasting memories of your adventures. Easily capture photos and record real time thermal videos. Simply upload your thermal images and video onto your personal device via ATLAS’ USB or Analog Video Output. Share your thermal adventures with your family and friends.

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Detector Resolution 640 x 480
Detector Pitch 12µm
Lens 50mm, F1.2 Germanium Lens

25mm, F1.2 Germanium Lens

Spectral Response 7.5 – 13.5µm
Refresh Rate 9Hz or 60Hz
Image Capture Internal Memory
Field of View 9 x 7 degrees (50mm)

18 x 14 degrees (25mm)

Detection Range 2250m (50mm)

1025m (25 mm)

Waterproof Rating IP67
Batteries CR123 (3)
Video Output USB and Analog

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25mm, 50mm


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