Proof Research 284 Bolt Action Steel Barrel

Proof Research 284 Bolt Action Steel Barrel is made in house with the exact same commitment to quality and repeatability as they employ on their carbon fiber barrels. The drilling, rifling, and lapping process is identical to their composite barrels.  Proof Research start with the same steel as they use in the carbon fiber barrels.  It is a double stress relieved 416R stainless steel, a pre hardened chromium stainless steel that was specifically designed by engineers in collaboration with rifle barrel makers to provide the consistent, high quality and durability the firearms industry demands.

By designing a bolt action barrel blank, Proof has opened up countless options for chambering in your favorite caliber and having the ability to fit a large variety of actions. Their bolt action barrels are available in a variety of calibers, lengths, contours and twist rates. Your bolt action barrel will arrive ready for thread and chamber by your gunsmith.

Proof Research 284 Bolt Action Steel Barrel Features

Excellent machinability for gun drilling and reaming, plus great polishability for uniform lapping

A homogeneous microstructure which responds to heat treatment, and provides a uniform hardness along the length of the barrel

Extreme Pressure Resistance

An optimum combination of high tensile strength along with requisite toughness to withstand extreme chamber pressures encountered during firing

Long Lasting

Great erosion wear characteristics and corrosion resistance

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Proof Research 284 Bolt Action Steel Barrel



Part Number Length Twist Rate Shank Diameter Contour Weight
106396 28” 8.4 1.20 Medium Sporter 3 lbs 12 oz
106365 30” 8 1.25 Medium Palma 5 lbs 7 oz


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Weight N/A
Barrel Length

28" 106327, 28" 106396, 30" 106068, 30" 106365


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