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Rosco Purebred .223 Wylde Barrel – Multiple Options


Available Options:

Rosco Purebred .223 Wylde Barrel

The Rosco Purebred .223 Wylde Barrel was designed for maneuverability at close quarters, but also allow to get the first round of impact hits as far as 300 yards. The gas system has been designed to give the platform a non-turbulent operation while not sacrificing proper dwell times. This barrel is perfectly suited for your next expeditionary/ entry rifle build.

Rosco Manufacturing’s “Purebred” series is a testament to precision and quality manufacturing. They took a step back to see how they could create a barrel line that would be a culmination of all the lessons learned through years of making barrels for several OEM’s. The result is a barrel that will produce results out of the box for any shooter that is looking to take their skills above and beyond. All of Rosco’s Purebred barrels are made from scratch in their Rhode Island facility and start life as a blank piece of 416R stainless steel, and feature a 80 Grit Bead Blast Finish.


Barrel Length Barrel Weight Barrel Profile Twist Barrel Thread Barrel Gas Block Size Gas System Length
13.7” 23.6oz Govt 1/8 ½ x 28 0.750 Midlength
14.5” 25.25oz Govt 1/8 ½ x 28 0.750 Midlength
16.0” 27.82oz Govt 1/8 ½ x 28 0.750 Midlength
18.0” 30.15oz Medium 1/7 ½ x 28 0.750 Rifle
20.0” 32.30oz Medium 1/7 ½ x 28 0.750 Rifle


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