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Swampfox 1-6×24 Warhorse FFP Rifle Scope – Green Dragoon MIL Reticle


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Swampfox 1-6×24 Warhorse FFP Rifle Scope – Green Dragoon MIL Reticle

The Swampfox 1-6×24 Warhorse is a first focal plane rifle scope combines speed and accuracy for any shooting scenario. This versatile rifle scope transitions smoothly from 1x to 6x magnification for rapid target acquisition and long range precision. Warhorse features a push/pull locking elevation turret with zero reset, capped windage turret, and 12 position illumination turret with night vision compatibility. The compact LPVO is built on a 34mm tube and features a clean etched MOA or MIL reticle, providing maximum light absorption and supreme glass clarity for ultimate performance. Warhorse exemplifies the next evolution of Swampfox rifle scopes.

Engineered for both close-quarters and long-range engagements, Warhorse is a versatile LPVO suitable for AR-style and bolt-action rifle platforms. With a broad field of view, it excels in rapid target acquisition while offering precise adjustments for accurate shots at varying distances. Whether precision shooting, hunting, or competition, Warhorse adapts to your every shooting need.

Swampfox 1-6×24 Warhorse Features

First Focal Plane

Warhorse features a new FFP reticle, providing versatility and precision across its magnification range. With FFP LPVOs, the reticle scales proportionally at magnification, ensuring subtensions remain consistent at any distance for accurate holdovers and range estimation. Choose from etched glass MOA or MIL reticles to match your shooting preference.

Precise Adjustments

Equipped with responsive turrets, Warhorse provides accurate and definitive adjustments for both windage and elevation. Each turret click corresponds to a 0.25 MOA or 0.1 MIL adjustment, allowing for precise tuning to your point of aim. Parallax is set to 100 yards with generous 150 MOA max elevation and 100 MOA max windage adjustments making it easy to engage at a range of distances.

Secure Turrets

Warhorse allows for quick, precise, and protected adjustments. Simply pull the elevation turret knob outwards to unlock it before turning to make your desired adjustment. You will feel and hear the clicks as the turret turns, ensuring accurate changes under stress. The elevation turret also features a convenient zero reset function, enabling easy return to your original setting after adjusting for specific shooting conditions. The Warhorse windage turret is capped to safeguard against unintentional adjustments in the field or on the go.

Anytime Illumination

Offered in red or green illumination, Warhorse features a 12-position illumination turret with intermittent off positions for quick and easy brightness adjustment. Settings 1-2 are night vision compatible with settings 3-5 optimized for low light. Settings 6-10 are suitable for indoor or overcast lighting, while settings 11 and 12 provide daylight bright illumination. Illumination is powered by a side-mounted CR2032 battery, offering lasting performance.

Optical Clarity

Warhorse showcases optical performance with lenses crafted from high-quality materials. Glass design is optimized for the best possible resolution and image quality, with multiple lens coatings ensuring exceptional light transmission. Anti-fog and hydrophobic treatments provide optical clarity under diverse conditions and our unique assembly techniques ensure precise lens alignment for high performance.

Robust Construction

Crafted from 6061 aluminum, Warhorse features a new, short body 34mm tube built with durability in mind. Capable of withstanding 1,100 g-forces and being submerged in water, Warhorse’s robust construction and IPX7 waterproof rating ensure it stays up to the task against heavy recoil, accidental drops, and all-weather conditions.

Dragoon: A class of mounted infantry who uses horses for mobility but dismounts to fight on foot

The Dragoon reticle is designed to be fast at 1x and highly precise at 6x. With the horseshoe and center dot illuminated, you can quickly acquire your target at low magnification. At 6x, the MIL tree gives you precise holdover points for longer-range shots.

First Focal Plane (FFP)

The Dragoon reticles are First Focal Plane (FFP) reticles, meaning the reticle size changes proportionally with the magnification, ensuring the markings and holdovers are accurate at any magnification setting.

Reticle Design

The Dragoon reticles feature a unique design with an outer horseshoe and an inner tree. The reticles are illuminated, with the horseshoe and center dot providing quick and easy target acquisition. Dragoon MIL features a 6 MIL tree for precise holdovers and a 7.7 MIL outer diameter horseshoe.

Ranging with Dragoon Reticle

Ranging targets with the Dragoon reticles is simple with the formulas provided. For the Dragoon MOA Reticle:

Target Size (cm) x 10 / Image Size in MIL = Range In Meters​


Target Size (inches) x 27.8 / Image Size in MIL = Range in Yards

TIP: At 100 meters, a 50 CM wide target will roughly fill the inside of the horseshoe.


Magnification 1-6x
Tube Diameter 34mm
Objective Lens Diameter 24mm
Exit Pupil (mm) 7.7mm-3.7mm
Eye Relief 3.43”-3.50” (1x-6x)
FOV @ 100 Yards 105.68’-18.32’ (1x-6x)
Click Value 0.1 MIL
Parallax Setting 100 yds
Travel Per Rotation 100 Clicks/10 MIL
Max Elevation Adjustment 43.63 MILS
Max Windage Adjustment 29.08 MILS
Lens Coating Fully Multi-Coated / Anti-fog / Hydrophobic
Illumination 12 Position Illumination with intermittent off
Battery Side-mounted CR2032 Battery
Fast Focus Diopter Yes, -2.5 to +2.5
Turret Style Push/Pull Locking elevation Turret with Zero Reset and capped windage turret
Length x Width x Height inches 10.08” x 2.98” x 2.48”
Weight 23.37 oz
Waterproof Rating IPX7
Impact Resistance 1,100 G Force




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