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Swampfox Kraken 1×16 Closed Emitter Red Dot Sight


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Swampfox Kraken 1×16 Closed Emitter Red Dot Sight

The Swampfox Kraken 1×16 Closed Emitter Red Dot Sight is a heavy duty dot that can take on the elements and unexpected situations with it’s 7075 aluminum body and outer waterproof lenses. Don’t worry about the unique side bolted footprint Kraken has for increased stability, Swampfox provide RMR and MOS footprint adapter plates out the box. Backed with their Shake N’ Wake tech and a CR2032 battery, the Kraken will keep the lights on when you need it. Ideal for multiple applications and ready to take a beating from the most heavy handed warriors out there.

Includes #6-32 and M3 adapter plate screws. If you require different screws for your slide, Swampfox recommends the Swampfox ultimate screw pack.

Liquid thread locker is provided for the Kraken adapter plate screws.

Swampfox Kraken Features

Release the Kraken

Kraken is a multi platform compatible, fully enclosed red dot system suited for adverse conditions. It is time to throw away the old notion that open emitter dot sights reign supreme in the optics world.

Engineering this beast was not just a matter of shrinking down a rifle dot to fit a pistol slide. Everything has to be designed from scratch, from the Tactile 0.5 MOA per click windage and elevation turrets to Swampfox coveted Shake N’ Wake technology providing a 2 year real world battery life.

The Kraken has evolved into a dot sight ready for the toughest situations in either concealed carry or duty roles. Rest assure knowing the Kraken will fight for as long as you can wield it.

Defy the Elements

From the arid deserts to the unforgiving swamps, the Kraken embodies the spirit of Swampfox’s guerrilla war fighting ancestors by means of capably thriving on every battlefield it’s thrown into.

Kraken’s erector tube is housed entirely in a 7075 aluminum casement, like the double walled hull of a submarine, this allows for the optic to take all the elements head on.

This beast has been through water submersion, fire (not talking live fire, Swampfox means they actually lit these things on fire), as well as multiple hard impact scenarios, none of which knocked the dot off zero.

If you can tough it out, so can the Kraken.

A Footprint that makes Sense

Due to the fully sealed and nitrogen purged Kraken scope body, it is impossible to mount it using vertical screws coming down from the top. Therefore, Kraken uses two horizontal clamping screws traveling through recoil bosses built into the underside of the scope body.

Unlike other optics that have unique footprints to be concerned about, Swampfox provides the Kraken with RMR and MOS adapter plates out of the box. If you have an RMR cut slide with screw posts, Swampfox also provide a separate plate for you to add on.

Because Kraken adapts to RMR footprints, it is the perfect choice for the Rebel Offset and Riser mounts, as well as Swampfox’s low profile Picatinny mount.

For all the heavy handed shooters, provided is a tube of thread locker out of the box for your adaptor plate screws.

King of Versatility

The Kraken is considerably more versatile than any other type of dot sight on the market. The tank like nature of the Kraken is what makes this dot the perfect choice for those looking for an optic with a higher level of durability not normally found in open emitters.

The Kraken holds no loyalties. Pistols, shotguns, rifles, or a backup offset; they’re all free game for this monster. Optimal for those with competition, law enforcement, and home defense applications. Don’t let the size fool you, Kraken is also an excellent choice for everyday carry.

Durability Comes First

Kraken has been designed to be Swampfox’s most rugged and dependable optic to date. In order to make such a bold claim, first had to test multiple generations of prototypes to destruction. After every iteration, got one step closer to the beast envisioned years ago.

During testing, Swampfox pushed the Kraken to every limit so you wouldn’t have to. While Swampfox doesn’t condone intentionally torturing Kraken the same way they did, if something happens to break this beast, send it in and Swampfox will replace it through their 50,000 Round Guarantee.

At The Ready Day And Night

Not only does Kraken offer daylight bright illumination in green or red, but Kraken is also ready for you to turn out the lights, with two NV compatible settings at the bottom of its ten brightness levels.

The proliferation of helmet mounted night vision makes passive NV aiming capability more important than ever, so Swampfox made sure Kraken pairs well with night vision binoculars and monoculars.

Kraken Reticle

Kraken features a 3 MOA red or green dot enclosed in a window measuring 16mm wide and 16mm tall. This optic fits all RMR footprint slides and mounts with the correct adapter plates. Kraken’s 7075 aluminum body measures 27.5mm wide (34.6mm including battery compartment) and 30mm tall.

Included in the Box


RMR 6-32 Adapter plate (7075 Aluminum)

MOS Adapter plate (7075 Aluminum)

Slotted Adjustment wrench

S-Wing wrench

Black lens cloth

CR 2032 Battery

#6-32 Screws, EF 5.1mm (4pcs)

M3.5 Screws, EF 5.1mm, (4pcs)

M3 Screws, EF 5.5 mm, (4pcs)


MOA Adjustment Dial
Dot Size 3 MOA
Magnification 1x
Lens Diameter 16mm
Illumination Positions 10
Brightness Adjustments Up/Down Digital Press
Shockproof G Forces 1500Gs
Waterproof 1 Meter/ IPX7
Battery Type CR 2032
Max Battery Life Approximately 2 Year Real World (Shake ‘N Wake)
Dimensions (LxWxH) 1.85” x 1.38” x 1.27”
Weight 2.5oz without battery
Lens Multi-Coated Ruby Red – Red Dot

Multi-Coated Silver – Green Dot

Specialty Coatings Anti-fog, hydrophobic, anti-scratch
Parallax Parallax free @ 33 yards
Eye Relief Unlimited
Mount Type RMR Adapted / MOS Adapted
Chassis 7075 Aircraft grade aluminum
Windage/Elevation Movement Range (MOA) 45 MOA/ Total 90 MOA Range



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