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Swampfox Raider 1×20 Micro Prism – Green BRC Reticle


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Swampfox Raider 1×20 Micro Prism – Green BRC Reticle

The Swampfox Raider is a 1×20 micro prism with expansive eye relief for fast and precise sight acquisition. The Raider excels in CQB by utilizing the Bullet Rise Compensation reticle with dedicated 5, 10, and 15 yard holds. It features a T-2 footprint for exceptional versatility between mounting platforms. This micro prism distinguishes itself with a die-cast zinc alloy body, providing a robust housing capable of withstanding impacts without loss of function. The Raider’s etched reticle appears black when the illumination is off. Its Shake N’ Wake motion sensing auto on/off feature conserves battery life and is perfect for home defense.

The Raider’s primary focus is on CQB applications, featuring its Bullet Rise Compensation Reticle, which is ideal for short-barrel 5.56/.223 platforms. Many optics optimized for close-range engagements fail at attempting to maintain long-range capabilities. However, the central point of the BRC reticle upholds a 50 to 200-yard zero point, keeping the BRC primarily focused on close range engagements while allowing at longer distance shots.

Swampfox Raider Features

Etched Reticle

What distinguishes prisms from red dots is the etched reticle. Approximately one in three people experience some form of astigmatism, which significantly impacts their ability to use red dots. The Raider serves as a great alternative to standard red dots because the reticle is not projected onto the glass and into the user’s eye, but rather illuminated within the optic, preventing a starburst effect. Furthermore, the Raider’s reticle will not be washed out by a weapon light, unlike red dots. When the light is activated, the reticle remains a black silhouette instead of disappearing.

Bullet Rise Compensation

Height-over-bore issues can complicate short-range engagements when zeroed for mid to long range engagements. The Raider’s Bullet Rise Compensation reticle features dedicated holds specifically designed for 5, 10, and 15 yards on AR-15 and similar platforms, while still providing a hold for the 50 to 200-yard zero point.

Shake N’ Wake Illumination

The Raider is available in either red or green illumination for its etched reticle, featuring 10 illumination settings. Settings 1 and 2 are NVG-compatible, settings 3 to 8 cater to low-light and indoor applications, and settings 9 to 10 provide daylight brightness.

Shake N’ Wake comes standard with the Raider, helping you conserve battery life and maintain an advantage over your opponent. After 225 seconds of inactivity, the illuminator will shut off, leaving the etched reticle to appear black. If the optic detects any movement, it will power back on to the previous illumination setting.

Field of View

Unlike other 1x prisms, the Raider doesn’t compromise on sight picture, boasting an impressive 70.7-foot field of view (FOV) at 100 yards. Combined with its 15.0mm exit pupil, the Raider allows for quick target acquisition, rivaling red dots in speed. By utilizing the rear diopter, you can operate the Raider with both eyes open, maintaining a high level of situational awareness.


The Raider micro-prism is built with endurance in mind, featuring a robust die-cast zinc alloy housing that can withstand up to 1200 G-force. Unlike standard CNC aluminum optic bodies, the die-cast process used in the Raider provides a more rugged surface that may not be uniform, but compensates with unparalleled durability. With its robust construction, the Raider is not only prepared to handle the most challenging environments but also offers an unmatched level of reliability.

Mounting Footprint

The Raider, with its industry-standard T-2 footprint, offers versatile mounting options, enhanced by the durability of titanium mounting screws on each included riser. The package features a low-profile 1.1″ mount and a medium 1.6″ mount, allowing for immediate customization. Its T-2 compatibility ensures the Raider can be mounted on any suitable mount, riser, or offset, extending its versatility right from the start.

Protective Covers

The Raider features a unique lens cover design for user-friendly operation. These innovative covers are connected to the battery compartment for easy stowing. To utilize the optic, you merely remove the front cap and attach it to the battery cap. Then, unfasten the rear cover from the quick-focus diopter and snap it onto the front cap. This efficient process ensures optimal performance and convenience with your Raider optic. If you choose not to use the lens covers, you can easily remove the battery cap and slide off the mounting ring.


Raider’s Bullet Rise Compensation (BRC) Reticle is optimized for home defense and law enforcement applications, where nearly all defensive rifle use occurs inside 50 yards, and the most significant chance of close quarters engagement occurring at 15 yards or less. ​​

What is a Bullet Rise Reticle

Although gravity always pushes bullets downwards, at very close distances the bullet appears to “rise” from the muzzle to meet the point of aim in the optic, due to the scope’s mechanical offset or “height over bore.” The BRC reticle is the first reticle to offer dedicated holds for 5, 10, and 15 yards compensating for this effect.

CQB Holdovers

The BRC Reticle is broken down into the following holds when​​ Blade is mounted on an AR style firearm or any other firearm ​​ with a similar optic mounting height over the barrel. ​​ ​​ The CQB holds will not be as valid when Blade is mounted to ​​an AK or other platform with radically different optic height ​​ over bore.​

One Reticle, Any Caliber

The 50/200 yard battle sight zero is applicable only to 5.56 NATO and .308 Win calibers. The rest of the holds will work with any barrel length and any caliber because range is so short. Bullet paths have very little chance to diverge due to velocity or ballistic coefficient differences at just 5 to 15 yards, so a .22lr point of impact is nearly identical to 9mm or 7.62×39.​​

What’s in the Box


Flip-Up Lens Covers

Integral Picatinny Mount, 1.1″ Optic Centerline Height.

Integral Picatinny Mount, 1.6″ Optic Centerline Height.

S-wing Wrench

T25 L Wrench

Lens Cloth

CR2032 Battery

Honeycomb Anti-Reflection Device


Adjustment Click Value 1 MOA
Reticle Type BRC Reticle
Magnification 1X
Lens Diameter 20mm
Illumination Positions 10 total, 2 NV
Brightness Adjustments Up/Down Digital Press
Shockproof G Forces 800Gs
Waterproof 1 Meter/ IPX7
Battery Type CR2032 (included)
Max Battery Life 10,000 hours
Dimensions 2.56”(length) * 2.05” (width) * 2.3”(height)
Weight 7.68 ounces
Lens Fully Multi Coated
Specialty Coatings Anti-fog, hydrophobic, anti-scratch
Parallax Parallax free @100 yards
Eye Relief 3.54″
Exit Pupil 15mm
Mounting Footprint T2 Footprint
Mount Type Picatinny base T25 Star Mount Bolts: 35 inch-pounds torque.
Chassis Die-cast zinc alloy
Windage/Elevation Movement Range (MOA) ‘+/- 45MOA/ Total 90MOA Range


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