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TriggerTech Kimber Model 84 Primary Trigger


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TriggerTech Kimber Model 84 Primary Trigger

The TriggerTech Kimber Model 84 Primary Trigger is a drop in trigger that features frictionless release technology. It has a true zero creep break, extremely short over travel and offers outstanding reliability in the harshest environments. The trigger utilizes CLKR Technology, the pull weight is quickly and confidently adjusted in 1 oz. increments from set screw. The exceptional crisp break, allows most users to report the pull weight felling 0.5lbs lighter than a friction based trigger of the same measured pull weight.

Frictionless Release Technology, along with hardened 440C stainless steel internal components ensure corrosion resistance and an extended service life. As Frictionless Release Technology does not rely on coating, polishing or lubricating the key engagement surfaces, trigger pulls will be more consistent from shot to shot and after thousands of shots more than you ever thought possible.

All pull weights and measurements are approximate. Pull weights of TriggerTech Triggers are directly impacted by firing pin spring weight. Overweight firing pin springs may cause pulls weights to vary above the advertised range.

Intended Use

Competition, precision, hunting, rugged hunting, harsh environments, target shooting, varmint hunting.

Product Manual


Trigger Lever Type PVD Black Curved
Trigger Action Single Stage
TKR Technology Yes
CLKR Technology Yes
Overtravel Sub 0.030″
Field Pull Weight 2.5 lbs – 5.0 lbs
Primary Pull Weight 1.5 lbs – 4.0 lbs
Warranty Product lifetime
Weapon Platform Kimber Model 84/84L/8400 WSM/8400 Magnum
Housing 6061-T6 Aluminum (anodized)
Key Components 440C Stainless Steel
PVD Black Physical Vapor Deposition. It is a hard and durable coating that is applied to external stainless components to give them a clean black color.



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