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Trijicon ACOG & VCOG Mount w/ Q-LOC Technology

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Trijicon ACOG & VCOG Mount w/ Q-LOC Technology

The Trijicon ACOG & VCOG Mount is made of 6061-T6 aluminum, a matte black anodized finish and features Trijicon’s Q-LOC Technology. The mount is an easy to use one handed tool less mounting system. The spring loaded design allows for constant retention and maintaining of zero even if the knobs are not tightened.

This mount boasts a low weight and low profile design with precise return to zero performance and is compatible with any Mil-Spec or NATO Picatinny Rail.

Designed specifically for the Trijicon ACOG & VCOG. This lightweight mount is perfect for mounting the ACOG & VCOG on any platform with a Picatinny Rail.

Trijicon ACOG & VCOG Mount Features

Matte Black anodized finish

Made in the USA

Torque Spec (to Rail)

Spring Tension Only: 12-16 in./lbs

Can be Tightened To: 44-66 in./lbs


1 Mount

2 Screws

1 Hex Key


Weight 3.07 oz.


Length 3.5 in


Width 2.07 in


Height Above Rail (in/mm) 1.535″ in.



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