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Trijicon Credo 2-10x36mm FFP Riflescope – MOA Precision Tree Reticle

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Trijicon Credo 2-10x36mm FFP Riflescope – MOA Precision Tree Reticle

The Trijicon Credo 2-10x36mm is ready for whatever challenge you it through. What Trijicon learned from decades of deployment with America’s greatest fighting forces, they put back into their technology for the Credo tactical riflescope. It delivers an incredibly clear sight picture, green or red illuminated reticles, superior target acquisition, and rugged durability. When you need a go to scope the Credo is ready to go.

At Trijicon, they are bound by a commitment to industry-leading research, design, and testing to seek innovative aiming solutions that constantly redefine “brilliant.” That’s why every Trijicon riflescope design is tested to the procedures below.

Trijicon Credo 2-10×36 Riflescope Features


Alaska to Africa Temperature Tested To ensure each family of riflescopes is ready for whatever the users put them through, Trijicon perform “Alaska to Africa” temperature shock tests with temps from -20°F to 140°F
Solid Zero Tested Their riflescopes are designed to hold their zero giving you the precision you need. Every model is subjected to 5,000 consecutive rounds, confirming no reticle shift has occurred.
Drop Tested Trijicon doesn’t believe every drop should be followed by a warranty claim. Each riflescope design is put through a drop to check for durability.
Shock and Vibration Tested All riflescope models are tested to withstand recoil and vibrational stresses without malfunction, so it can take a beating before, during, and after use.
Immersion Tested All models are immersion tested, and every riflescope is dry nitrogen filled to eliminate internal fogging.

Features and Benefits

A)  Easy Focus Eyepiece

Diopter accommodates the shooter’s individual prescription.

B) Repositionable Magnification Lever

 Accommodates different shooting positions and rifle configurations.

C) Confident Aiming in Any Light

User selectable LED brightness settings with an “off” in between each setting to adapt to any environment.

D) Quick and Easy Adjustments

Crisp, precise, windage and elevation adjusters require no tools and are designed to prevent accidental shift.

E) Purpose Driven Design

Matte finish and easy grip controls for fast adjustments.

F) Ultra Durable for Ensured Reliability

Ruggedized design engineered to withstand extreme conditions and tested to military standards and protocols.

G) Edge to Edge Clarity

Fully multi coated broadband anti reflective glass provides excellent light transmission, true detail and color with zero distortion on most models.

H) Both Eyes Open Shooting

Illuminated reticles provide a clear aiming point that draws the shooter’s eye for fast engagement.

I) Rapid Target Acquisition

Choose from a variety of specially engineered reticle designs for fast ranging and holdovers.

J) Fast Scanning, Detection, and Tracking

Extra Wide field of view for maximum situational awareness.



Eye Relief 3.4 to 3.9 in
Exit Pupil .41 to .13 in
Field of View@ 100 yds 50.0 to 10.1 ft
Focal Plane First
Elevation Adjuster Style Exposed Zero Stop
Adjuster Style Exposed / Capped
Adjustments 1/4 MOA or 0.1 MRAD per click
Adjustment Range Total Travel 90 MOA or 26.2 MRAD
Finish Matte
Dimensions (L x W x H) 13.1 x 3.24 x 2.6 in
Weight 23 oz
Illumination Source LED Powered by (1) CR2032 Battery
Battery Life Red: 68 hrs
Tube Diameter 30 mm


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