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UUB Gear Double Trouble Bag


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UUB Gear Double Trouble Bag

The UUB Gear Double Trouble Bag was designed so you can live fiercely. The stylish and unique lacing on Double Trouble front cover has three colored strings that can be swapped out with the standard black cord for a different look. Lace up your bag with your shoe lace or other colorful cord to match up your shoes and outfit.

The Double Trouble is made of ultra high quality, light weight (yet stout!), textured, water resistant nylon. It is equipped with a mesh back to minimize sweating, a detachable front cover, five organized pockets, a front pouch designed to fit any size phone complete with retention bands to secure your phone and valuables.

BELT SIZES (included with bag, the extension is not included):

IDEAL FOR: Motorcyclists, Everyday Wear, Event Attendance, Dog Walking, Travelers


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