All in all, the Viridian XTL Gen 3 with HD camera is the latest version of the legendary X Series. As a result, the new Viridian XTL Gen 3 is the next generation of the 1st tactical light with an upgraded design, brighter light, and rechargeable battery. Also, fitting most full sized railed pistols.

The new XTL Gen 3 comes standard with a 500 lumen LED light, HD camera, together with Viridian’s INSTANT-ON technology. All things considered, combining a tactical light with an HD digital camera and microphone, the XTL Gen 3 allows for a unique solution giving you a convenient playback. This also, giving legally armed citizens an added level of reassurance when carrying or in a home defense situation.

Additionally, the Viridian XTL Gen 3 is equipped with Viridian’s INSTANT ON technology. For that reason, when your gun is drawn from its holster the unit automatically activates the laser, light and or camera. Not only does this remove the risk of failure to turn on the device during a defense scenario, but it allows users to easily capture footage to help review and correct shooting techniques or show off days at the range. Lastly, the XTL Gen 3’s advanced camera gives a clear view from the end of the firearm. To conclude, making the XTL an ideal replacement for homemade action cams or addition to the everyday carry setup.

XTL Gen 3

AdjustableWindage Elevation
ApplicationConceal Carry Law Enforcement
Battery Life1 Hour Constant
Battery Life90 Min Strobe
Battery TypeRechargeable
Built forUniversal
LED Light ColorWhite
Material6061 aircraft aluminum
OpticsLED Light
Warranty2 years

Additional information

Weight0.12 lbs