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Aimpoint Comp M5S Micro Red Dot 2 MOA


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Aimpoint Comp M5S Micro Red Dot 2 MOA

The Aimpoint Comp M5s is a high performance red dot sight developed to withstand extremely tough handling and environmental situations without adding much weight to the user’s equipment. Aimpoint red dot sights are designed for the “both eyes open” method which greatly enhances situational awareness and target acquisition. Thanks to the optical design the red dot follows the movement of the user’s eye while remaining fixed on target, eliminating any need for centering. The CompM5s allows for unlimited eye relief and is compatible with Aimpoint 3XMag-1 and 6XMag-1 magnifiers as well as all generations of Night Vision Devices (NVD). The battery life for the CompM5s is over 5 years of continuous use while at the pos. 7, more than 1 year of use at pos. 8, and more than 10 years at NVD settings (pos. 1 to 4).

Aimpoint Comp M5S Features

Mountable on MIL-STD 1913 Rail system/Picatinny rail

Advanced optical lenses with a protective front window

Low, AAA battery compartment

Compatible with all generations of NVD

2 MOA dot for close combat and long distance engagement

Matches perfectly with Aimpoint 3XMag-1 and 6XMag-1 magnifiers

Excellent light transmission

Extremely robust housing design, same ruggedness as the CompM4 sights with less weight

Operable to a depth of 45 m (150 ft)

Mount base is keyed into to the body of the sight to absorb recoil

ACET technology allows 50,000 hours (over 5 years) of constant operation with one battery

4 NVD settings and 6 daylight settings

Mechanical switch for speed and reliability

Tested and complied for a range of MIL-STD 810G requirements

Aimpoint COMP M5s Manual »


Operating principle Reflex Collimator sight with LED
Optical magnification 1x
Aiming dot size 2 MOA
Dot intensity Visible against a background luminance of 0,1 to 55 000 lx
Optical signature No optical signature is visible at 10 meter distance, front side, on appropriate settings with NVD
NVD compatible Yes
Optical coating Anti-reflex
Clear aperture 18 mm
Eye relief Unlimited
Battery type One AAA size 1.5 V Alkaline LR03 or Lithium FR03
Battery life Up to 50,000 hr
Power intensity 4 NVD and 6 Daylight
Housing material High Strength Aluminum
Housing anodized Yes
Material mount and spacer High Strength Aluminum
Surface treatment Hard anodized, matte
Temperature range operation -49 °F to +160 °F
Temperature range storage -60°F to +160°F
Submersible 150 ft
Length sight only 3.3 in
Length conf  3.3 in
Width sight only 1.6 in
Height sight only 1.9 in
Height conf  2.6 in
Weight sight only 5.8 oz
Weight 8.3 oz


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