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Athlon Cronus ATS 50-640 Thermal Imaging Riflescope


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Athlon Cronus ATS 50-640 Thermal Imaging Riflescope

The Athlon Cronus ATS 50-640 is the flagship in the Athlon Cronus ATS line of thermal optics and provides the same exceptional performance you’ve come to expect from the Cronus BTR family. The Cronus ATS 5-640 provides stunning detail and crystal clear resolution. An impressive 8.8×6.6° field of view ensures your quarry won’t slip by you.

Athlon Cronus ATS 50-640 Features

6 Color Palettes

Customize the display to your personal preferences using one of the 6 color palette options. Brightness and contrast can further be adjusted for each color palette to suit your environment.

Sensitive Thermal Sensor

Athlon thermal sensors have 12um pixel pitch, paired with their lower NETD ratings the Cronus ATS line provides cleaner and sharper images dut to their ability to differentiate smaller temperature fluctuations and increased contrast.

WiFi Connection

The Athlon Thermal app is available on Apple and Android devices, providing users the ability to record video and capture exhilarating moments of your hunt.

OLED Display

High resolution display provides a sharp, high contrast view with vivid color.

Long Battery Life

Athlon thermal scope provides more than 10 hours of use in most hunting situations with the standard battery set. A common USB-C connection also provides the ability to power the optics with an external battery pack if needed.


Upon recoil detection, Athlon thermal scopes can automatically record the moments before and after you take the shot.

Max Detection

Cronus ATS systems provided an extended detection range beyond your typical hunting distances.

ECO Mode

During long sits, conserve battery life without impeding your hunt.

Included in the Box

2 – 30mm scope rings

Rubber eyepiece

Carrying case

Spec Sheet

Product Manual

Reticle Manual


Magnification 2.36 – 18.9x
Display Resolution 1440 x 1080
Objective Diameter 30mm
Sensor Resolution 640×480 @ 12μm
Lens System 50mm/F1.0
Length 14.7”
NETD ≤25mK @ 77°F/25°C
FOV 8.8° x 6.6°
Weight 35.3 oz



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