EOTech MonoNV Night Vision Monocular

EOTech MonoNV is a night vision monocular that features a Gen III White Phosphor Image Intensification tube. The night vision device is built to the same rigorous standard (MIL-STD-810G) as the military AN/PVS-14 system. This multi purpose monocular is collimated for operation as hand held, helmet mounted or weapon mounted.

Lightweight and robust construction combined what superior optical characteristics utilizing ESA Gen III White Phosphor tube technology, providing maximum target detection and recognition range. Includes a quick release dovetail mount (that fits into a Wilcox G24) which allows for ambidextrous helmet mount operation.

EOTech MonoNV Features

Compact and robust (MIL-STD-810G)

Self contained system operating on a single AA battery

Integrated IR LED Illuminator for short range illumination

Auto gated power supply improves resolution in high light (urban) environments and provides automatic system cut off when exposed to intense light, helping to protect the image intensifier tube from damage.

Internal LED indicators for IR ON and low battery

Adjustable for ambidextrous operation; head and helmet mounts

Quick release dovetail mount mechanism

Manual gain control

Tilt Auto Off


L × W × H 4.6″ × 2.1″ × 2.9″

(116 × 53 × 74mm)

Weight ≤ 10.6 oz


Power Source 1 AA battery — Alkaline or lithium max 2.4 Vdc
Battery Life @ 73oF / Lithium: approx. 60 / Alkaline: approx. 40
Field of View 40o
Minimum Focus Distance 9.8 in


Diopter Adjustments +2 to -6
Water Resistant 66 ft (20m) for 1 hour: MIL-STD 810G
Image Intensification Tube Gen III White Phosphor
Figure of Merit (FOM) 2376 minimum FOM



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Additional information

Weight .9 lbs


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