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Leupold DD Scope Rings


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Leupold DD Scope Rings

Leupold DD Scope Rings system provides a classic low profile mount for scopes on a variety of popular actions. Bases accept all Leupold rotary dovetail rings. Dovetail connections at both front and rear provide a rock solid mounting platform.

Leupold DD Scope Rings Features

Matte Black Gloss or silver finish.

Forged and Machined steel construction.

Versatile, and available for many different rifles.

Maximum Accessability (2 pc. Mounts)

2 Piece Bases (Mounts)

Leupold’s trademarked Dual Dovetail system (DD Mounts)

DD Bases (DD Mounts)


Rings Height Chart


Height 0.9 in

.77 in.

Ring Diameter 30 mm


1 in.


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