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Leupold RX-1400i TBR Rangefinder DNA


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Leupold RX-1400i TBR Rangefinder DNA

The Leupold RX-1400i TBR Rangefinder is the most versatile, feature rich rangefinder on the market. It is equipped with Leupold’s proprietary ranging engine for lightning fast accuracy, and a great bright red display. This rangefinder will take your hunting to the next level. It ballistically calculates ranges and keeps you on target even for the most extreme uphill and downhill shots. The lightweight polymer housing is rugged and is perfect for any adventure you are planning.

Leupold RX-1400i TBR Rangefinder Features

Built In Inclinometer

The RX series rangefinders have a built in inclinometer with TBR that can calculate the ballistic range to your target, then display it as a holdover aim point, an MOA adjustment, a Milliradian adjustment, or the equivalent horizontal distance.

CR2 Lithium Battery

Powered by the readily available CR2 lithium camera battery, the RX-Rangefinders with DNA feature a convenient battery power indicator.

Digitally Enhanced Accuracy (DNA)

Fueled by an exclusive new rangefinder engine technology, three years in the making, the GX-3i and 4i with DNA propel golf laser rangefinding to new levels of precision, and speed. Get faster, more precise ranging with resolution to within 1/10th of a yard against all background colors and textures. DNA takes the groundbreaking GX series to a new level!

Fully Multi Coated Lens System

Fully multi coated lens system ensures maximum brightness for clarity, contrast, and color fidelity.

Scan Mode

Continuous range updates in Scan Mode keep you on target as you track movement or scan an area.

Select from three different reticles

Offers three different reticles to choose from: Plus Point, Duplex, and Duplex with Plus Point.

True Ballistic Range with Wind (TBR/W)

TBR/W technology takes into account the angle of your shot and your rifle’s ballistics to put you dead on. Line of sight measurements won’t put you on target and any other rangefinder won’t give you accurate ranges because they use basic trigonometry to calculate the distances instead of true ballistics. TBR/W is also the easiest way to account for wind out to distances of 800 yards. It generates a hold point for a 10 mph wind at a 90 degree angle to your direction of aim.


Tested to extreme climate conditions and guaranteed to be completely waterproof.

Product Manual


Weight (oz) 6
Length (in) 3.8
Max Range – Reflective (yd) 1400
Max Range – Trees (yd) 1200
Max Range – Deer (yd) 950



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