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Nightforce Configurable Field Spotting Scope (CFS) – Tremor 4 Reticle w/ Accessory Cage Kit

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Nightforce Configurable Field Spotting Scope (CFS) – Tremor 4 Reticle w/ Accessory Cage Kit

The Nightforce Configurable Field Spotting Scope (CFS) 6-36x50mm F1 was designed with practical field use in mind, with an emphasis on balanced ergonomics, flexible configurations, and refined optical quality, while maintaining the ruggedness Nightforce is known for.

The field ready nature of the CFS 6-36 is reflected in the streamlined, compact and straight design, which allows for convenient, snag free storage and transport in, or on, a pack. The rubber knurling, 120º travel, and central location of the user controls aid in quick adjustments, while minimizing unnecessary movement and maintaining stability.

Designed with configurability in mind, the spotting scope accessory cage and spotting scope accessory platform (s-RAP) provide reliable platform for attaching thermals, night vision, red dots, laser rangefinders, data cards, and other devices, making the CFS 6-36 ideal for the professional user.

Nightforce Configurable Field Spotting Scope Features

First Focal Plane reticle

120º rapid focus ring

Adjustable eyecup

Integrated 1.5 in dovetail base

Tremor 4 Reticle

The Tremor4 reticle is designed to be used with the Tremor3TM or Tremor2TM riflescope reticle, allowing the shooter and spotter to view a target with the same common frame of reference.

Very fine reticle to aid in precise aiming at high power and distant ranges. Refined “chevron” mil markers subtend to 0.1 mils.

Patented Wind Dots allow for fast and accurate wind holds.

Spotting reticle for observational measurement.

Mil line across the center of the reticle grid is to facilitate target measurement, target speed estimation, Second Shot Correction, and to help with target location.

Secondary horizontal lines allow precise elevation holds. The standard spacing between the secondary horizontal lines is exactly 1 mil.

To compensate for wind, drift, speed of target, etc.: each secondary horizontal stadia line is calibrated with “large hash marks” spaced exactly 1 mil apart; between each of the large hash marks, there are smaller evenly spaced hash marks that are exactly 0.2 mils apart.

The Horus Grid allows you to quickly and accuratley make a Second Shot Correction if your first shot misses. Not available with illumination.

Ability to perfectly calibrate wind dots to ballistics of your choice.

Excellent milling capability with 0.1 mil resolution milling chevrons, allowing extremely fine mil estimation.

The Tremor4 spotting scope reticle pattern is located below the central viewing area, allowing clear observation, while maintaining measurement capability.

Central targeting grid calibrated in USMC mils (6283 mils/circle) (1 mil = 3.60 inches at 100 yards) (10cm at 100 meters).

Precise calibration of measurements to within less than 0.5%.


Overal Length 14.1 in, 358 mm
Weight 33.7 oz

(955 g)

Objective Outer Diameter 65 mm
Eyepiece Outer Diameter 52 mm
Dovetail Base Length 3.6 in

(94 mm)

Field of View @ 100 YD/M @100 yd: 6x – 37.2 ft | 36x – 7.2 ft

@100 m: 6x – 12.4 m | 36x – 2.4 m

Exit Pupil 6x – 5.8 mm

36x – 1.3 mm

Eye Relief 50 mm
Close Focus 20 m
Reticle Tremor 4


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