Primary Arms GLx4 2.5-10×44 Sun Shade

For long range shooting, it is extremely important to have as clear a sight picture as possible. While sunlight is a good thing for scopes, too much of it can actually be detrimental because it can create a glare that will obscure your sight picture. In addition to preventing scope glare, it will also help to protect your lens from dirt, rain, or anything else that may scratch it. This Primary Arms sun shade is easy to install by just screwing it into the objective lens. Made from aluminum and hard coat anodized black, it is durable enough to withstand harsh weather conditions and will match your scope. This model only fits on the Primary Arms Gold Series™ 2.5 – 10 x 44 mm scopes.

Primary Arms GLx4 2.5-10×44 Sun Shade Features

Fits all Primary Arms GL x 4 2.5 – 10 x 44 scopes

Easy to install, just screw it in

Made from durable aluminum and hard coat anodized black to match your scope

Prevents scope glare from excess sunlight

Protects your lens from dirt or rain


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