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Surefire Stiletto Pro II Multi-Output Rechargeable Pocket LED Flashlight


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Surefire Stiletto Pro II Multi-Output Rechargeable Pocket LED Flashlight

The Surefire Stiletto Pro II was designed to retain the slim profile of the Stiletto Series while packing more candela to help you see farther into the dark. The Stiletto Pro II fits comfortably in any pocket and can be drawn and activated with ease. Its twin Hybrid Beam optics deliver 1,500 lumens with a comparatively brighter centralized beam pattern that throws light extended distances. The remaining light surrounds the centralized beam to provide ample light to help keep you aware of your surroundings. Activation is instant and easy via the Stiletto Pro II’s primary switch or tactical tail switch, the latter also accessing an optional high-frequency strobe that is useful for blinding an attacker. The Stiletto Pro II also features a 500 lumen medium output and a 25 lumen low output, giving it the versatility to handle a wide variety of tasks, and the primary switch can be programmed to reverse the activation sequence. A rechargeable lithium polymer battery and included USB-C cable charger makes it easy to keep the Stiletto Pro II powered up, and its Melonite-coated, reversible heavy-duty spring steel pocket clip keeps the light secure and accessible whether you prefer to store it with the bezel up or down. Machined from Mil-Spec hard anodized aluminum for tremendous durability, the Surefire Stiletto Pro II doubles down by delivering the legendary attributes of the Stiletto series plus superior long distance performance.

Surefire Stiletto Pro II Features

The Stiletto Pro II retains the sleek, slim profile of the Stiletto series. It fits easily into a pocket or pack and can be drawn quickly like a knife for fast activation in an emergency or for everyday tasks.

The Stiletto Pro II’s dual optic design delivers 35,000 candela in a hybrid beam pattern that punches farther into the dark while retaining ample spill light to help you maintain situational awareness.

Primary switch activates 1,500 lumen high, 500 lumen medium and 25 lumen low output for a wide variety of tasks; switch can be programmed to set the activation sequence low to high or vise versa to suit user preferences

Tactical tail switch instantly activates high output; switch can be programmed for momentary activation with optional tactical strobe or click for constant illumination

Integrated USB-C rechargeable lithium polymer battery is environmentally friendly and reduces the cost of operation

LED Fuel Gauge allows easy tracking of battery charge/discharge status

Melonite coated, spring steel pocket clip can be positioned for bezel up or bezel down carry

MIL-Spec hard anodized aluminum body is corrosion resistant, and passes IPX7 water testing to one meter for 30 minutes


Output Low: 25

Medium: 500

High: 1,500 lumens

Runtime Low: 23.5

Medium: 1.5

High: 1.0 hours

Strobe Rate Tactical Switch: 9

Emergency: 3-4 Hz

Peak Beam Intensity 35,000 candela
Distance 375 meters
Construction Aluminum
Finish Hard Anodized (MIL-A-8625 Type, III, Class 2)
Weight (w/ batteries) 5.0 oz


Length 4.87 in

(12.4 cm)

Bezel Diameter 2×0.88 in

(2.2 cm)

Batteries Lithium polymer rechargeable (integrated)
Switching Primary, tactical, and programming
Liquid Ingress Protection IPX7


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