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SureFire XVL2 Green/IR Laser and Light/IR Illuminator


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SureFire XVL2

The SureFire XVL2 Weapon Light and Laser system is a paradigm shift in light and aiming laser systems. Custom MaxVision Beam technology shapes the illumination beam into one that give the optimum mix of projected illumination plus wide angle illumination for target acquisition in any setting. The MaxVision Beam keeps the XVL2 profile small and weight to a minimum to maximize the efficiency and efficacy of the war fighter.

The MaxVision Beam head assembly is paired with a co-aligned, dual beam visible IR laser module. The XVL2 laser carriage system houses a visible green laser and an 850 nm infrared laser. This unique carriage system facilitates alignment of the visible and infrared laser at the same time using an x axis and y axis adjustment platform. The x axis and y axis adjustment screws are sealed to protect against water ingress and to prevent contamination from debris. The adjustment screws feature incremental milliradian adjustment.

The dual Laser and LED system of the XVL2 efficiently generates both white and infrared light from a dual emitter LED module that allows the delivery of useful levels of tactical light and efficient run times in both visible and infrared spectrum’s using one 123A size lithium battery. The local switching also facilitates using the XVL2 as a handheld light if removed from the host weapon.

SureFire XVL2 Series Features

Virtually indestructible white light and infrared LEDs regulated to maximize output and run time

Integral ambidextrous momentary and constant on switching


Accepts optional pressure activated remote switches for precision control without altering grip on weapon

Includes a nylon pouch for storage, mount key, safety screw key, cleaning cloth and lens cleaner

The XVL2 IRC models have the same feature set, but only have tactical mode laser output.



Model XVL2 IRC
Color Black or Tan
Bezel Diameter 1.06 in
Length 3 in
Weight 5 oz
Batteries 1 123A
Green Laser <5 mW (520 nm)
Infrared (IR) <0.7 mW (+/- 10%)
White Light Output 400 Lumens
White Light Run time 1.5 hrs
IR Output 300 mW / 850 nm
IR Run time 2.75 hrs


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