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Swampfox Freedom Cantilever Mount


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Swampfox Freedom Cantilever Mount

The Swampfox Freedom Cantilever Mount is a lightweight mount that is machined of ultra tough 7075 aluminum and features a scratch resistant hardcoat oxidized finish. The rugged masterpiece features a cantilever configuration that extends the center of the forward ring 2” beyond the front edge of the 1913 Picatinny mounting surface, making it perfect for LPVOs with generous eye relief, like the Swampfox Tomahawk and Arrowhead. The Low profile T25 Torx bolts provide more clamping power than thumb nuts, while integrated recoil lugs underneath ensures everything stays locked down tight under recoil. Freedom mount brings the look the ergos and the durability your build deserves.

Swampfox Freedom Cantilever Mount Features

Durable 7075 Aluminum Construction

Scratch Resistant Hardcoat Oxidized Finish

Super light at 5.5 ounces

CNC Machined

T10 Star ring cap screws: 10 inch pounds torque

Picatinny T25 Star Mount Bolts: 25 inch pounds torque

Diameter Options: 30mm

Centerline Height Options: 1.60”

Forward offset: 2” From Front of Mount to Centerline of Front Ring

1.60″ Centerline Height

Standard height for AR-15 and large frame AR rifles

1.60″ centerline height places optic reticle just above AR-15 iron sights (irons are 1.435″ tall)

A standard setup for rifles with “in line” stocks at the same level as the receiver rail

Will work with precision scopes featuring large 56mm objective lenses

Rifles with stocks located lower than the receiver rail may need a cheek piece added


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