Warne Reflex Red Dot Riser

The Warne Reflex Red Dot Riser was designed to fit a wide range of different optics based on the mount footprint. This Reflex Sight Riser is designed to offer easy height adjustments with the included spacer, allowing the user to dial in the perfect height for their optic and rifle combination. All riser mounts that Warne offers share a robust mounting base, while the top is engineered specifically for different red dot styles. Designed and MADE IN USA

Warne Reflex Red Dot Riser Fits

Burris Fast Fire 2 & 3



Eotech MRDS

Holosun 507c/407c V1 versions

Holosun 507c/407c V2 versions

Insight MRDS

Leupold Delta Point

Leupold Delta Point Pro

Shield RMS

Sig Romeo 3, Romeo 3 Max and Romeo 3 XL

Trijicon RMR


UTG Reflex Micro Dot

Vortex Razor, Venom and Viper

And others with same hole pattern(s)

All risers include a .180” thick spacer

Installation Instructions

Assembly Instructions for 6103M – Reflex

Assemble base and mount with supplied T-10 screws.

Orient the base nut to the right or left as desired on your rail

Lay top plate on the base so that the arrow points towards the muzzle

Remove assembly, starting on the underside of the base insert supplied T-10* screws up through the bottom & loosely tighten all 4 screws

Continue to tighten to a max of 25 in/lb

Place mount on rail and tighten nut to a max of 65 in/lb

*Use longer screws with spacer plate, shorter screws w/o spacer

Install reflex sight on to top plate aligning screw holes with top plate, tighten screws to reflex manufacturers recommended torque



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Additional information

Weight .2 lbs


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