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Wilcox Folding Bridge Arm for PVS-14/SkeetIRx


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Wilcox Folding Bridge Arm for PVS-14/SkeetIRx

The Wilcox Folding Bridge Arm provides a helmet mounted solution in conjunction with a modular dovetail base for the IR Patrol, PVS-14, SkeetIRx, FLIR M24 and other thermal and i2 night vision devices.

By combining two folding arms and a Modular Wilcox Base (Dovetail or Horn) you can create a dual bridge mount allowing the operator to use both devices in a hands free capacity as either a monocular or binocular.

Note: The arm is reversible for left or right and requires the Wilcox Binocular Bridge Base available in dovetail configuration.

Wilcox NVG Compatibility Chart

Wilcox NVG Mount Accessory Guide


Materials Lightweight Aerospace Aluminum
Accommodates BAE Oasys SkeetIR, IT Defense IR Patrol M250 or M300W, Wilcox Binocular Bridge PVS-14 J-Arm
Wilcox P/N 61308G01


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