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BoBro Sig 320 RMR Mount w/ Integrated Rear Sight


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BoBro Sig 320 RMR Mount w/ Integrated Rear Sight

The BoBro Sig 320 RMR Mount is a precision machined 7075-T6 mount plate with integrated suppressor height rear sight designed to work with the Sig P320 M17 with a DeltaPoint Pro slide cut. Included is a stainless steel sealing plate and all the required screws/wrenches.

**If your pistol has the Delta Point Pro slide cut it will fit regardless of model.**

It fits the Trijicon RMR, SRO, and the Holosun HS507C. Note that the Holosun has slightly shorter threads and the screws we provide will need to be ground down a half thread.

For the Sig 320 application, a front sight with a nominal height of 0.375″ is recommended. You can run front sights anywhere from .365″-.400″ and they will be fine. BoBro recommends either a Trijicon or Dawson Precision front sight. This permits the iron sights to be utilized independently of the optic if necessary.

All plates come with the LCI notch as it works perfectly with both configurations of the pistol. If you choose to not run the LCI mechanism, but have the cutout on the slide’s breech, the notched plate will work just fine. Concerned about blowback (GSR) on your optic? Don’t be. As we say, you’re shooting a handgun and there will be GSR everywhere no matter what. The optic may require a brief wipe down after an extended shooting session. This is normal under any application of a slide mounted optic.


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